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The Conjuring 2: Are movie sequels usually worse than the original movie?

  • One of The Conjuring movie is enough

    So we now have The Conjuring 2 movie for die hard fans. Lorraine and Ed travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone with a house plagued with evil spirits. The plot sounds interesting. It is more of the terror and horror type of film viewers would expect. It is projected to gross millions this opening weekend. The reviews have been good. The movie will entertain those with a fascination for the supernatural. If you liked The Conjuring I, you will likely enjoy The Conjuring II. Apparently, the film will deliver steady chills, and creep up on you over time; instead of the jolts of fright from the original. However, if you have had enough of The Conjuring, there's Now You See Me 2.

  • They usually are worse.

    Movie studios and directors feel more pressure to make their sequels just as good as the original movie, especially if the original movie was extremely well received. They also want to stay true to the original, but then people complain about the lack of creativity. If they try too many different things people complain that the sequel is too different from the original.

  • They usually seem to be

    I think most people would agree that they always tend to be. This largely comes from people having higher expectations and hyping up the sequel after enjoying the first movie, though, where they expect the sequel to be a certain way or even better than the first movie and this just isn't possible because of peoples' rose tinted glasses and expectations.

  • Sequels are usually not as good

    When a movie company decides to make a sequel to a well known move, people usually have high expectations for that movie. It is hard to meet the original quality of the movie, so most of the time the crowd is let down. I think sequels should be avoided at all costs.

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