The hand that rocks the cradle should rule the world

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  • There might have been a time

    There might have been a time where women could rule justly, But now many are blinded by hatred and want to wipe men from the Earth. Those aren't leadership qualities; many of those traits would quite possibly lead to a war (possibly the final war).

    Not all women are like that of course, But it's the small minority that screams louder than the many other women who aren't hate-filled time bombs.

    Hard to rock the cradle when all you want to do is kill what comes out of your womb.

  • The hand that rocks the cradle should not rule the world

    Because not all women are powerful in life
    Men are the most dedicated ones
    men can even default to protect his family it`s just that their
    are given a way of looking side to side. Men always have work
    to do always in every time of hour each & every day

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