The Purpose of Prison: Five Questions to Ask When Debating Rehabilitation vs. Punishment

Asked by: drcdeb
  • They are taught consequences

    The purpose of prison is to punish for actions. Whoever goes to prison is being held accountable for their actions and they do learn that if they make the same choices they did that caused them to get put in there in the first place the consequences will be more severe. No matter what we do, There are consequences for our actions. If we make good or legal choices, Then good things happen. If we break the law or make bad choices then jail or prison come into play. Having said that, The power of choice is always with the person that makes the choice but if it is a poor decision he or she makes, His choices are limited.

  • What Consequences Are We Attempting to Achieve?

    Watch any television show about prison or jail, And you are virtually guaranteed to see an inmate claiming “I’m never coming back here again. I’ve learned my lesson. ” All too often, The very next scene shows that same person, Often just days or weeks later, Posing ruefully for yet another mug shot.

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