The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. Is there enough room for two teams in the city?

  • Yes, there is enough room for two teams in LA

    I think most people in LA seem to love sports, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were very excited about the move. It is great that this team got picked up and that they didn't have to kill the franchise. The more sports the better as far as I am concerned.

  • Yes, there is enough room for two teams.

    The Las Angeles market has enough room for two NFL teams. The San Diego Chargers can grow their fan base in Las Angeles, because there are millions more people living there than in San Diego. Furthermore, there is a lot of money around L.A. and many football fans that will enjoy going to home games.

  • Lots of cities have more than one team

    There are plenty of large cities that house more than one professional team in the same sport. It seems to work out just fine for those that do. I do think it's kind of silly to move a team, taking away their home city and changing that on their loyal fans. But I do believe it will work out just fine for them.

  • The Chargers move to LA is doomed

    The Chargers move to LA is doomed to failure, just as other past moves to that market had previously failed. LA barely supports one team, let alone two. There is far too much to do in LA besides watching football. So, while the Chargers move will prove to be a debacle, the Rams move will likewise be the same.

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