There is no planet B: How will change affect you and your community

  • Um let me think.

    So climate change changing the weather would make it hotter so more air conditioners or colder so more heaters. Global warming or global cooling. Also the ice caps could melt causing flooding or there could be more icecaps so less water in the oceans and more dry land on earth. 8

  • Human life is changing

    We are at crossroads. The planet is running out of resources and the weather is wack. A large number of wealthy people are building and own bunkers. That is a fact and the bunker companies will not say who is buying them.
    But the ending is not what you think. It will not be a super volcano or a meteor that will wipe us out.
    The bible says that pestilence, War, Famine, Will come. Super bacteria is spreading. Antibiotics are becoming useless. The land is becoming barren. And nation are aching for war. But that is not the end.

    I believe a planet comet is coming. See planet 7X on YouTube. This guy is not a quack and he has credible sources from NASA and even Ted Talks have a guy talking about the same thing. The hidden planet.

    People are going to either get sick or die from hunger or die by war. And the ones who survive will see something so horrifying.

  • How will change affect you and your community

    Firstly, Through climate change in weather. Secondly through bush burning. Economic differences, Societal conflict, Air pollution, Water pollution, When we have all this things affecting our society we can't be able to live peacefully in our world today that why our environmental climate needs to be important to us

  • Color Me Palpatine

    "Good! (much evil laughter) GOOD! . . . All is happening as I have foreseen. . . . "

    Read Liz Mair on this, Also 'tube Jordan Peterson, With whom I agree on not one other thing. It's Already Too Late. Even the Venerable Gore has gone on the record, Admitting "it's too late for Some things" ('tube his interview on Bill Maher). You're really not going to be able to stop it, Much less reverse it. Human thought it was God, So made a rock so big, The race couldn't lift it. No. . . Nooooo, You're going to have to learn to live very differently, And I don't mean anything involving the word "green". . . Or, "hug", For that matter. It'll be a lot more like Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys, But Biosphere-y at the same time, Though common and stinky and not at all what any of you opened your eyes to. Being a Hater of Mankind, I'm happier every damned day. I encourage you to knock yourselves out. It will accomplish nothing, But a little heart tickle of sanctimony. . . Which, Is all you creatures are interested in, Anyway. It's your lying, I find so objectionable.

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