THW ban music that glorifies violence against women

  • We have to ban this

    It is absolutely unjust to promote violence and hatred of a certain gender. Granted, We have come a long way from the times when women were treated as object and were not even allowed to vote. However, Violence is still present nowadays. Children of this generation will be the rulers of the next. Do you really want to fill their heads with brutalities and atrocities against a different gender? Children are easily influenced by music - I have seen a young boy learn to swear from songs. We have to prevent this from happening, And if we cannot get artists to stop playing these forms of music, We have to take immediate action and ban it. After all, What benefits do you attain from listening to music that glorifies violence against women?

  • Changing society on the world

    We have seen a changing society such as BTS also when singers produce a song that glorifies women, People don’t listen to it so we see a natural change in the first place. So i think that banning is just a drastic way to solve this problem even though we don’t ban we have more benefits than the pop thank you

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