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Tigers, jaguars and leopards love the smell of Calvin Klein's 'Obsession For Men': Is this the perfect scent?

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  • A response from animals is not necessarily good for Calvin Klein's cologne

    People do not purchase cologne to attract or interest animals. Why animals respond to smells is very different from why humans respond to certain fragrances. The purpose of Obsession for men from Calvin Klein is to make the wearer more appealing to other humans. It does not matter what animals think.

  • No, it is not the only one.

    No, Calvin Klein's 'Obsession For Men' is not the perfect scent. Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is another that cats literally go for, it is more potent than any catnip. And I can understand that, for some reason the smell alters my mood, as well. It lightens my mood, I feel happier and more social.

  • No, Calvin Klein's 'Obsession For Men' is not the perfect scent.

    No, Calvin Klein's 'Obsession For Men' is not the perfect scent. This especially holds true for men who indulge in the overuse of this cologne and end up offending the noses of everyone around them. Scents created in laboratories are offensive to many people and should be used with the greatest restraint.

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Mharman says2016-12-10T01:12:39.567
Not if you are a zookeeper.
Dujec says2016-12-11T05:11:02.343
So if I want to herd cats I've narrowed one option out. I understand it's difficult.

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