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To people who have negative views on homeschooling, What is your main concern or reason why you do not support it?

  • Its not good

    When your home schooled you don't have friend and, You don't know how to work in a team. Then you need someone to stay home and teach the child which means less money and only one person getting money soo yea. (this rest is just to fill) GCFGCFXdfzz hjdsvhgdsvc hgvchcs hgsv

  • Public schools need more attention

    Same person talking. No one is punishing home schooling harshly. What they are doing is killing public education of the masses for the sake of the few in homeschooling and private education. How can we be one of the most powerful nations in the world and we have the worst education system?
    This nation would rather pay for an overpriced military budget than to buy textbook for students. One things kills the other can make a person bright. They give control to corrupt states and cities who then have there way with it. Other countries are producing more geniuses than the United States while while we are becoming dumber. All of the school budget gets spent on the school boards salary and vacations, And they cut whatever they can. How can you succeed if you have to use an outdated textbook and share it with 32 others?
    Homeschooling might work for you but the politicians will doom the entire nation by destroying public education. You are innocent you have done nothing wrong. The real people who have betrayed the nations are the barons of the United States that want a feudal society. Americans have become to proud to admit they are not smart and cannot accept criticism

  • In home schooling you don't get friends or collaboration work. You don't learn from discipline

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  • I dislike it

    Not every father makes enough money for the mom to stay at home. Some families have both parents working and they cannot afford private tutors or stay at home. Or some only have working mom. Now betsy devos wants to gut education so mothers will have to pay shady private charter schools when they use to have public education free.
    Second child abuse. Most parent try to home school their children to keep them isolated and under wraps. The school staff will alert the authorities if they see bruises and they do catch them.
    Third education. You need to be able to read and write and do basic math and have basic problem solving skills. How can you trust parents to do that right? They do not know history and science and physics. How many can even qualify for a GED? Learning to cook or drive can be taught in schools too and so can car repairs and woodshop and for free.
    Fourth you are way isolated and will not be able to deal with different people.
    My mother taught me to be a christian. I went in secular school and in secular college. I never once doubted my faith even when I had to learn about other religions or ideas of thought. I went in science classes and still believe the earth is 6000 years old.
    I learned what other people believed and I strengthened my christian beliefs and so have my brothers and sisters. I see white evangelicals so afraid of having a black or brown or gay near their child that they lock them up in towers.
    They become out of touch with reality and further isolate themselves like a cult. Home schooling only works for a few selective people. I do not support it because now they gut public education from the masses for the few.

  • There needs to be home checks to ensure the school aged student is being home-schooled, Among other reasons for home check

    My reasoning is pretty simple. I just would like some sort of registered thing where those being home-schooled are registered, And to get home checks mainly just to make sure the school aged student is actually getting home-schooled.

    I have a cousin in my family that was taken out of school at the age of 8 and no further education happened after that. Someone came once to the house to ask the quick question "is your daughter in school" he said "no but she is being home-schooled" and then the guy left. She was never asked, The guy only asked the father, And it wasn't investigated any further to see if she actually was being home-schooled. Her brother got to go to school and was NEVER taken out. * Now the father says she is graduating this year or dropped out and nobody thinks to check the accuracy of this.

    I agree that homeschooling can be extremely beneficial. However not all adults are doing this for the right reason for their kids. If you can look up the following 'House of Horrors' child abuse cases reveal how offenders nationwide use homeschooling to hide their crimes" the article mentions how some parents claim to home-school kids when in reality just abusing them (physically, Neglect, Starvation, Verbally, Etc).

    Just as long as there is home checks to ensure 1. School aged student is actually being home-schooled 2. To ensure the school aged student is getting age/grade appropriate work and 3. To ensure the school aged student is not being abused in some way.

  • No people shouldn’t

    They should be social: if you do home schooling, Then kids don’t get to be social. At public school, Kids can talk to each other at lunch and recess. They will still learn a lot. So kids should not do home schooling and should go to public schools. It will help them be social.

  • Equality in education and learning social skills

    1. Equality
    I believe everyone should get equal basic education and the best way to ensure it is by public schools (which should be improved in many ways). I don't think just anybody who went through school is able to teach kids well enough, It is better to be left for the professionals.

    2. Social skills and circles
    A home schooled kid doesn't get to learn social skills like a kid in a normal school (for example working in a group). They also might get isolated from kids their age because the fact is that a big portin of kids' lives is in schools.

    I do understand, Accept and respect home schooling if it is done properly and if the public school seems somehow bad and unfit.

  • Homeschooling is Good

    "Homeschooling represents another perfectly valid education option", To quote U. S Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. With this type of schooling, Student-age people can have a more personalized type of learning. You can speed up when are at ease with a subject, And slow down your learning depending on how well you understand a topic (unlike public school, Where you have to move as a group). And, In addition, As a homeschooler, You can focus more on the things YOU want to learn, Not what your teachers want you to learn.
    Furthermore, Homeschoolers do not NEED to be isolated. In 22 states in the USA, Homeschooled students have the option to join in on extracurricular activities at nearby schools. There is also homeschooling communities so that most homeschoolers can be exposed to some sort of social life.
    Another fact is that not all homeschooling is for religious reasons. According to the NHES (National Center for Education Statistics), Only 17% of homeschoolers list religion as a reason for this type of education system. In fact, 91% of homeschoolers list "environment in schools" as one of the reasons was important to those surveyed- evidence that the way the Public School system operates is a more primary reason why parents switch their children to homeschooling.
    Although tolerance has been mentioned as a reason to not homeschool, An example the example that has been given is part of the minority. Recent studies (see the article "Does Homeschooling or Private Schooling Promote Political Tolerance? Evidence From a Christian University" by Albert Cheng ) have shown that homeschoolers exhibit more political tolerance than their public school peers.
    These are all reasons that there are very little negative concerns on homeschooling, And why you should support it.

  • Breaking Myths of Homeschooling

    1. Sure, Some families do not have time for homeschooling but that doesn't mean we should punish everyone and force them into this failing system.
    2. Parents could do this but their child could still find a way to reach out to get help, Some schools won't do anything or won't notice. Going to a public school won't guarantee it will get caught.
    3. Education and public school sometimes connect but I believe that school and education are often two very different things. Education comes from the Latin root, "educe, " meaning, "to bring out, " so you would get, "to bring out gifts/knowledge, " from education which is not what schools do. Most can teach the basics to their child with little to no issues.
    4. Homeschooling does not mean isolation. You would even have more time to go out and meet people based on activities you like to do instead of being confined in the same room by a random chance.
    5. Public school systems are already failing and for a lot of people homeschool will work better for them.

  • Why do people dislike homeschooling?

    I see no reason for people to have negative views on homeschooling. I know homeschooling doesn't always work for some families, But I've seen the positive impact it can have. I support homeschooling because it has taught me more than a public school could have ever taught me. It has also brought me closer to my family and saved me from going too far into depression. One of the most annoying things for a homeschooler is when someone is concerned for our "lack of socialization". We do have friends, And we do not live under rocks. We live in the same world as everyone else, And we interact with people of all ages, Rather than stay on electronic devices our entire lives. Granted, All of our parents may not have degrees in education, But they went through school too. They're not teaching rocket science; they're teaching something they already know. It's not that hard. Homeschoolers receive the same education as anyone else and are just as qualified as any other student in a public institution.

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DeborahHills says2019-04-24T02:22:52.560
Homeschooling makes autistic babies ive said this already pay attention

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