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Trevor Noah Grills Tomi Lahren: Was Lahren right in her defense against Noah's accusations?

  • They are not comedians anymore.

    Trevor Noah claims to be a comedian. He says that it is his job to make people laugh. However, anymore, so many of these people are bullies. They just make jokes about conservatives. They say that anyone who doesn't agree with them is stupid. It was right of Lahren to fight back against prejudice.

  • Tomi Lahren had the right to defend herself against Noah's accusations

    All people have the right to defend their positions against accusations. She is a public figure who gets paid to raise questions and make people argue with her. I believe both sides of this argument have valid points and I would like to hear reasonable solutions to the issues they bring up. I think there are severely biased sides of this issue and in this specific interview so defending either side is nearly impossible but both sides have the right to do so.

  • No, she was not.

    Not only was she just plain wrong, but she used Martin Luther's statement about " judging people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin" to call her self colorblind in order to dismiss the very valid concerns of two men who were being discriminated against because of their skin color.

  • No, Lahren was not right in her defense against Noah's accusations.

    No, Tomi Lahren was not right in her defense against what Trevor Noah had to say. Throughout the interview, Lahren made outlandish accusations and used false equivalency to get her point across. The most egregious claim she made was that the Black Lives Matter movement is the "new KKK". Considering the objectives of these two groups, this is a very harmful claim to make.

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