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  • Orange Man bad

    Orange man very bad and should be impeached. Drumpf is a nazi racist idiot, His supporters are redneck sexist racist scum. He is a stupid fatass. He is stupid because cnn, The young turks, And msnbc told me so! They would never lie or make up fake stories! He also didn't win fairly and is putin's puppet. Everyone online who's a trump supporter/disagrees with me must be a russian bot! Hillary said so!

  • Yep, He checks off all the lists

    He has an uncle that was a scientist and he claims that because his uncle was a scientist he is genetically smart and innately knows about things. That is not how a scientist works. A scientist has questions and a desire to obtain answers. He does not go with his gut and believe something to be true because it feels right. A scientist will go and prove it or disprove it.
    That is how he is. He is purely instinctual and goes with his gut. He did not win the election. He had smart people helping him. He had Jared the jew work on social media. He had Newt the slimy newt helping him. He had baron helping him. Those three are logical people that helped him win. They went to Facebook and did social engineering.
    Trump has no clue about what laws he signs. He has the title as emperor but he does not run the kingdom. He wants radical policies and they have to deny it by law. He does not understand that the congress and judiciary branch have power to keep him in check. People hate on AOC and say that she is a puppet she might be or not. Yet they ignore the orange puppet. He checks off the list for being one.

    His intelligence is between a 2 or 4. His charisma is about an 7 to 9.
    Prove me wrong

  • Trump is a complete and utter moron

    Trump, The U. S. President, Is an egotistical moron. He sits there, Waits for something like rise in employment, And then says he's the reason it happened. He also wants to build a wall. A WALL. THInk about it. Illegal immigrants can just go a couple inches around the wall. Boom problem solved. The guy thinks he's king, And fires anyone he thinks might expose things he's done. He says the press is our enemy, Which is something a fascist leader would say. The guy is slowly ruining the country, And needs to be taken out of office.

  • He is an idiot but. . .

    He is an idiot, But in the same way Kim Kardashian is an idiot where they are both stupid but they both are very successful. Trump made a very success business and through celebrity and media appearances made his name. If Trump would just shut his mouth, I feel a lot of his current problems wouldn't have existed.

  • Trump defeats lie after lie.

    He isn't politically correct, And that's why the far left hates him so much! He doesn't care about how he sounds when he speaks, And it's completely within his rights.

    Everything he says gets blown out of proportion by the media, And it's obvious the clips they play of Donald are edited, And not the full videos.

    Nothing he ever says or does will ever sit right with the far left, And that's fine. It's not against the law to offend someone, And say some dumb shit. Freedom of speech goes both ways contrary to popular belief or companies like playboy would go out of business; Quentin Tarantino films would be banned too.

  • Donald Trump is not an idiot

    Donald Trump is a very successful business man, And has a net worth of $3. 1 billion. He has also improved America's economy and has reduced the unemployment rate to it's lowest levels. Another way he has helped his country is by creating jobs for Americans by having all his MAGA merchandise proudly made in the USA. Does this man seem like an idiot now? I don't think so

  • He is Different

    First: To say he 'is an idiot' doesn't speak well for the democrats and hillary. He is different, Not the typical politician - that's why he won the election. He is rude, Crude, And a fighter - that's why he won the election. He's doing what he was elected to do.

  • No idiots do not get to be president

    Trump however, Is really smart because he had appealed to the electioral college and also because he had given the adverage american more value. He had also opposed China, North Korea, And other communistic nations who had threatened other nations. He knows more about subjects like geopolotics and is moral to his people.

    He had also questioned some of the moves done by his predesecor, Who had accidentally built corrupt systems. He then replaced them with reasonable ones that help all survive.

    Yet another one of his achievements was putting the important issues on the spotlight. He gets support due to saying obvious facts then he traps his opponents when they deny it. This is smart.

    Therefore, The Donald has smart.

  • Drunk is so bad hate him racist kills opbama HOW?

    I hate drumpf because he killed obama that racist hate trump vote beto 202020 i hate drump he is racist mexicans he kills them with guns guns bad mexicans good illegal immigrant good socialism good i love trump. Trump is the worst he kills the mexicans so many times racism and lies and no transparent.

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