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  • Trump is big gay

    He's the biggest gay ever created. He once sucked off a donkey. It's obvious there's a big attempt to cover the gay, But we all know Donald. You don't have to hide it anymore. It's a new age, You can be who you want to be. It's the American way Donald, You big gay.

  • Trump swallows semen and eats gay pizza at a gay pizza party. He prefers black penises. He often drinks sweat extracted from nfl players socks.

    He eats sperm from a soup ladle. I mean cmon
    . Everybody knows this its common knowledge. He enrolled in gay healthcare for queers yesterday. Such wonderful tremendous responses! MGGA make gays great again. Melania is a scat lover as well. She has the intelligence level of a slug worm

  • He fucked elon musk in a porno

    If he wasn't gay why would he fuck a guy he is so gay is middle name is probably gaylord and he will get a womb just so he can have a child named stanley and then have the womb removed because miss him with that straight shit he probably even has barrels of cum in his basement

  • He has a wife? Lol

    Yeah,he has had three. I believe his total disregard for women and the abuse of his women is somehow related to covering for his gay true self. What is really sad, is most gay men are super people, and to have this pos on their team is pretty crappy. He is back to his orange self lately, have you noticed?

  • Obviously he is

    I mean look at him, how could he not be gay? Putin, definitely some romance there. Pence? The best kind of lovers. Obama? So much sexual tension in that one. Donald trump is such a raging homosexual. He probably is going to turn the White House into a gay strip club. Love you guys! Have fun with our 1st gay president!!!

  • He has to be

    He has to be with that fabulous face i mean come on have you ever seen a straight man use tan so orange? I need more words i need more words i need more words i need more words i need more words i need more words i need more words

  • Ok he is

    A A ABILUDUBC NO :JOCIOPvhiASN:BINVQEASF WQ v eqAS VEw fqwV?/NWe as/gk3qfAEW V.CS KF3QAEKW 13R6Q 122qaw3e 65r3q1ae f+6qeas1gf 163eq A1FG63AEWS1FQEAW6S DF43Q EW14A1 3QE+65 4246 1q641 Q6AW15E1F W5 6ASEF4EW6 64V 146EW4F46W4EA64FW64EA64 W64EA 46WEA6R46W6 6W 4E4 T646WA46EG44WE64RH46ERT64F6YT3TWA4SEDRTFY7YJRHEGWFRGZKUVYJYTREWTILU R RR R RR R R R R RRRR R R R R R RRR R

  • No, of course not.

    Obviously he should get together with Hillary Clinton and they would be a perfect tsundere match. I ship them so hard. So no, he cannot be gay if he needs to get in a relationship with hillary. . . . . .. . . .. .. . . . .

  • He has a wife.

    He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife. He has a wife.

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