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Uber customers lash out at ride sharing service amid anti-travel ban protests: Should President Trump cave to pressure to lift travel bans?

  • They are poorly designed

    The nations that have been banned from immigrating are ones that have committed a small portion of the attacks on America, with most having committed none. Along with this, it keeps out US citizens who happened to be visiting for various reasons, and happened to be out of the country. While I disagree with the comments currently on this side, I think the other side is wrong too. So, I'll talk about all of them.

    1.This is a country built on immigration. But it is also generally bad policy to let in people from a nation you're at war with(about 70% of the Syrian "refugees" are men. A bit suspicious).
    2.It's not a Muslim ban. If it was a Muslim ban, Indonesia and all of North Africa and the Middle East would be banned, including all of the many -stans, along with Turkey.
    3.Allowing 10,000 barely qualifies as allowing a trickle, let alone the opening the floodgates. Also, none of the attacks came from people that originate from the countries that were banned(except maybe Syria), and most terrorists are homegrown, not foreign.
    4.A lot were American citizens and interpreters, both of whom are now in a lot of danger because of the ban. And umm... Where will they go? Iraq? Syria? I heard those places don't like Americans or snitches, but maybe that's just me.

  • A County Built on Immigration

    I believe Trump should lift the travel ban because it is unjust and unfair to block people from our country because of their religious beliefs. The United States was born out of the need for religious freedom. We grew because of immigrants from England, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and more. To say that the ban is to protect our country from death by terrorists attacks when statistics show we are more likely to be shot by a toddler, is ignorant and Islamophobic. As a president of the United States, Trump should be prepared and willing to treat this country with its history and diversity in mind.

  • Yes President Trump should remove the illegal travel bans

    President Trump’s executive order to ban entry to the U.S. to citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries and current Green Card holders from those countries illegal, as determined by the 4 federal courts that have issued orders reversing actions taken by Homeland Security in enforcing it, and amounts to nothing more than a thinly veiled ban on Muslims. He should reverse it, NOW!

  • He is protecting the United States.

    Obama opened the flood gates during his last year in office. At the same time, terror threats and attempts went way up. Trump just wants t keep the American people safe. There is nothing wrong with the American people wanting their children to live in a world free from terror.

  • No, he should not cave.

    President Trump should not cave into political pressure. The travel bans put in place by Trump barely affect any travelers. The few people who are inconvenienced by the ban could simply visit another country if America is that bad of a place. We have a right to secure our borders.

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