• Outside you window

    I like this guy outside and inside my window. Hes no nice and ugly. He also very warm, Idk why, But yeah. Hes kinda nice. Also impact font is trash. This monkey has done more than just exist to deserve to exist. He went to the toilet, And then he finished.

  • I have given up hope in this world

    I remember the time when meme's were just funny dogs and cats but now the world has failed me. I shall be creating a black hole to destroy all of humanity so you and your monstrosities will be destroyed.
    Good luck
    PS this is not funny bro you thought you did something creative did you?

  • You just posted cringe

    Do it again, And you will most certainly lose subscriber. You thought you had made a funny joke. That fact is simply and utterly false. This is an unfunny meme, Made worse by your crappy top text bottom text modification. It shames me that i have to see this. One more word needed.

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