Valentines Day is dead. Men no longer want to date.

Asked by: Johntheowl
  • Valentines Day sales are on the low and lower

    "The National Retail Association" recently reported that the sales of all things Valentines are on the decline. Jewelry, Candy, Valentines greeting cards are all sitting on the shelf. Traditionally in America men would buy women chocolate or something like a ring to show affection.

    Valentines day consumerism is heavily marketed to make men want to shop for women they liked. These low sales are now in danger of bankrupting companies.

    Men don't want to date anymore.

  • You Finally Get The Message!

    Of course it is! Because of course we don't! Only a fool throws good money after bad. What you creatures provide is Very Cool, But every other aspect of your mere "beingness", Falls in the NO FRICKIN-THANKS Category (which is being polite in the extreme). Now, Clothes off, And assume the position. If you're lucky, There'll be candy hearts in the deal.

  • I like chocolate

    Whereas the holiday of valentines day stands accused of being a dead holiday,

    Whereas the holiday of valentines day is associated with discounted prices on chocolate,

    Whereas men tend to enjoy chocolate,

    And whereas most men don't have enough money to buy chocolate at the normal retail price,

    I come to the conclusion that valentine's day is, In fact, Not a dead holiday, And it is enjoyed by men if for no other reason than it allows for an excuse to buy candy at a reasonable price.

    (also it's assinine to assert that all men don't want to date. You aren't all men nor do you personally know all men, Therefore you can't speak for all men. )

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