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Victoria Secret fashion show: Should you go to the Victoria Secret fashion show?

  • Yes, i agree.

    I would certainly go to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. This is because it is fun and i have a thing for passion. It has mentored a lot of fashionistas and models who are now successful in their various fields. They have a lot to offer and therefore, i would go to emulate some.

  • Yes it would be an amazing experience

    The huge budget for the Victoria Secret fashion show tells you what an impressive event it is. With some of the most beautiful people in the most beautiful lingerie it should be a treat for the eyes for anyone who appreciates beauty, male or female. Any opportunities to experience events like that in life should definitely be taken.

  • They are artists.

    The people who model clothing work hard to look the way that they look. They have to have iron self discipline. They have to eat healthy all the time. They have to exercise, and specifically, they have to do exercises like yoga that make their bodies lean and long. I would go see their hard work.

  • I should not go to the Victoria Secret fashion show.

    The Victoria Secret fashion show this year was held in Paris, France. Not only is that a far distance to travel, it is also quite expensive to both travel to and stay in Paris. I am not enough of a die-hard Victoria Secret fan to go through such lengths to attend the fashion show.

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