Vocational education is more better than tertairy Institute education

  • Yes vocational is better than schooling

    In salary a person who work as vocational will have more interest than a person in a company. The financial will not be too much for parent to pay for his or her children. In vocational it spaciallies on a subject which is what you go there to learn. A students can

  • It is equally important

    If there is really a argument over this than here's some facts, It is important to understand how life works but school is also very important (education meaning tertiary Institute education). You need to know how society works but I mean knowing all of that isn't going to get you a job, A house or other things that is desired or needed. Yes it will help but is that really worth it? It is important but it should be taught in school as well as learning how to function in modern society. The hardest part about this topic is trying to find a solution to the issue, Like how to teach both and still have time to have time to yourself and still learn both normal education and vocational education.

  • If people paid.

    More attention at school, Maybe they wouldn't present us with phrases such as "more better than".
    Sorry, But to an old school type like myself such grammatical imperfections are so jarringly obvious.
    That said, I do actually agree with the proposition somewhat.
    It is clear that some people respond far more positively to vocational training.
    This really is a case of horses for courses though. Therefore I cannot agree with the proposition wholeheartedly.

    In all fairness, Maybe the person that offered the affirmative opinion("Yes vocational is better than schooling"), Does not use English as their primary language.

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