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  • Yes, I believe he will be effective on the Rams

    He has had a long career and I think he still has some wins left. Everybody wants to put an old cow out to pasture. I hope the Rams beat the Broncos, that would be sweet revenge. Wade Phillips will definitely add to the staff in LA and prove his critics wrong.

  • Yes, he is experienced.

    Though he will be joining a new team with new strengths and weaknesses, Wade Phillips is intelligent and versatile. He will be a good fit for the Rams and will most likely teach them a few new tricks. This trade could prove extremely beneficial for the Rams, and was a wise choice.

  • He is effective as a defensive coordinator and the Rams will have good draft picks.

    As long as Wade Phillips is a coordinator rather than the head coach, he should be able to find success with the Rams. He made the Broncos have a historically great defensive performance a year ago, as well as a still solid performance this past year. With the Rams, even though the talent is less, he should be able to identify players that can improve the defense and put them in schemes to be successful.

  • Experienced Phillips inherits talented Rams defense

    Wade Phillips is not a defensive mastermind, but he is a strong defensive coach. He is leaving a team with a strong defense (with many stars on the defensive side of the ball) to join one with a defensive front that is perhaps equally talented but unproven. The Rams won't turn into a defensive juggernaut like the Seahawks or Broncos overnight, but they will be solid and take big steps forward each year.

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