Warcraft bombs at box office despite epic look: Is Warcraft an entertaining movie?

  • For the vast mojority Warcraft will be an entertaining movie

    It is a well known fact that most remakes and adaptations are reviewed under a heavy storm of criticism due to its' departure from the original, unwanted detail changes, and so on. Video Game and Anime live action movies have especially been proven to be rather disastrous, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and Dragon Ball Z being prime examples. The Warcraft movie will be no exception, the vast majority of hardcore fans will find it to be slightly historically inaccurate according to the game lore, some who prefer to play "Horde" may be upset as it seems that the "Alliance" is the main protagonist group in the movie. The Average viewer though, will still find it entertaining, because the average viewer is probably coming into the movie with a fresh slate on Warcraft, and if the trailer is as graphically and story rich as the entire movie, it will be an epic adventure to most viewers. The Warcraft franchise is simply too big not to see in theaters.

  • Apparently not. No one is going.

    It's so funny how the Box Office Association and Hollywood think they can manipulate us into going to see these over priced movies. The one main control we have is if it is not a good movie (a stinker) we will keep our money in our pockets and not go. Warcraft is an entertaining movie but did not meet the level of expectation of the public so I give it a thumbs down on entertaining.

  • I would guess that it is not.

    Having not seen the movie personally or heard of any friends that have, I can only assuming that the movie was not very interesting or exciting. I make this assuming based on the reviews it has received and the low opening gross total that it had. For a blockbuster to preform this poorly is highly unusual.

  • Not the best

    It had a complete lack of character development and scenes that were supposed to evoke emotion suffered for it. For example the protagonist's son's death (can't even remember either of their names that's how forgettable they were) seemed to be aiming to be sad but we'd he'd had about 4 lines before that scene so it had no effect. Was the king's death supposed to be sad? I don't even know but it definitely wasn't.

  • Warcraft film doesn't hold water

    The trend of making video games into movies is a popular one: the world already exists, so it's an easy transfer from one medium to the other. However, the film version of World of Warcraft did not succeed at the box office, which shows that video game movies are not as entertaining as they may first appear.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-06-12T06:00:55.137
Movies based on video games are generally flops.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-12T06:02:27.757
This trend has held ever since the infamous Super Mario Bros movie.

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