• Yes, Rambo III was racist

    I don't think all parts of the movie were racist, but there are definitely racial connotations throughout that make the movie a bit hard to stomach. As mentioned, "white is might", Rambo and his team enter an area, kill anyone they encounter with little or no repercussions. I also find it a bit disturbing that all of the Asian women were raped but when the white woman came close to being raped, the perpetrator had his throat ripped out. If the movie is going to be somewhat accurate, then the behavior exhibited throughout the film should be somewhat consistent.

  • Yes, Rambo III was racist

    The popular film "Rambo III," which stars Sylvester Stallone, is unfortunately a racist film. It portrays Pakistani individuals as merely Mujahideen fighters, rather than the complex and varied people that they actually are. Not only that, it perpetuates the racist "white is might" myth where Rambo is able to safely enter and leave the Middle East as he pleases, while the people he encounters are backwards and unable to escape tribal infighting.

  • Fighting movies relate

    The war in Afghanistan killed more than a means of millions of Afghans and five million and were not refugees . Ja been the worst contemporary World War and the international community did nothing.
    Laugh Iraq. Ja been the worst war in history and contemporary social movements barely had any pressure from the media to denounce these atrocities

  • No, guess that means Bruce Lee was racist, too.

    The people who say he is racist are simply looking to stir up emotions. You'll find people doing that everywhere. I suppose Rambo's years of torture at the hands of the Viet Cong must have turned him on the Asians. Either that or he was only moved to save the missionaries because of his deeply held religious beliefs that were never hinted at until now...

  • No, Rambo III was just a product of its time

    No, Rambo III was not racist as it was clearly not created with racist intentions but instead as an action movie designed to entertain. Even though it may have unintentionally been insensitive to some issues, it was not the goal and therefore the movie itself is not racist. This debate goes all the way back to books such as Huck Finn. Mark Twain is known to have been highly accepting of all people and a known anti-slavery activist, so it is clear that Huck Finn is not a racist novel despite its use of derogatory racial terms. Instead, it was written to be accurate for the time it was about.

  • Racism in Rambo III

    Racism has been a hot, controversial topic in the United States since the first people stepped foot upon American soil. Through the years, we have seen racism integrated into our culture but to say that Rambo III is racist is pure nonsense. We have to look at the time when the movie was centered, as well as the world that it was created in. Times were very different back then and many things that are now unacceptable, were then. There is no excuse for blatant, in-your-face racism but to claim that a fictional movie, centered around a fictional character in a fictional scenario is racist, is ridiculous.

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