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  • My opinion is it was a fake.

    I think that if they were smart enough to actually go to the moon, we would've already been on the way to Mars too. There is evidence that they did not land on the moon. One example is that there is no air in space, so how was the flag blowing? Another one was that there were no stars in the sky even though it is space. There are others but I think you get the point.

  • Because I said so.

    Because the flag was blowing and there's no wind on the moon. Back then we didn't have as good of technology as we do today. There are shadows on the pictures and there are no stars on the pictures. If we did go to the moon, it wasn't until just recently.

  • A great magician never reveals his secrets.

    I've done extensive research into this subject because I appreciate facts. I was not alive during the moon race and I never just accept someone's word for something although when I was young I did because everyone else said we went to the moon. I know what our government is capable of and we all know there are secrets that remain for years even while hundreds sometimes thousands of people work on these projects. I spent weeks investigating film footage, photography, and many other aspects of the moon race. It takes time, but the information is available. I don't rely on just 1, 2, or even 3 things for my opinion. All I know for a fact is that what people saw on TV, the photos,and have been taught by a government-run school system is a slight of hand magic trick.I believe that the Apollo program was a cheaply done fabrication so as to divert huge amounts of money to another top secret or several top secret programs. I am not a conspiracy person. I simply believe facts that I am able to judge for myself. Research, research, research is the key to knowing any fact. Have we gone to the moon? Yes, we have scientific equipment on the moon. Was it placed there by actual people? I find no evidence that any person has ever stepped on the surface of the moon? Have we tried to send someone to the moon? I don't know but I do not believe we have. Since all experiments are always carried out by animals before people I find it amazing that after some successful and some unsuccessful attempts to send animals into low space (although the furthest animals in space, 2 monkeys, was not very far at all only reaching 360 miles I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong) we decided to just start shooting multiple men at a time to the moon with great success. I know it's hard for people to believe that something they have believed there whole life could be untrue, especially when everyone they love, respect, and admire has been telling them it is true. I ask you to simply put yourself in the position of someone a long time ago when the smartest people in the world, including governments, where teaching that the earth was flat and you would fall off if you went to far. How the idea that the earth was round was blasphemy. Just keep an open mind. Man is deceptive. Magic is slight of hand. We all know that you can't saw anyone in half, yet we sit in an audience and with our own eyes see it happen. If only the magician would tell us how he did it. He never will. He loses his power over us if he does. The magician is the government and we will never know how they performed the trick. Please forgive any spelling mistakes. I love you all.

  • Physics////Logic/////Science/////Mathematics

    I've seen or watched almost every video and/or YouTube clip on the moon landings. 'MOUNTAINS' of evidence pointing to FAKERY! Just like the FAKERY of 9/11. I'll be the first in line to appologize if someone, anyone could show me some bonafide REAL tangible evidence that we've been on the moon, or that 9/11 was NOT an inside job, or that Sandy Hook happened the way the media 'SHOWS US'... Someone out there with a 'REAL' science background or one of you mathematicians could probably solve the argument the right way, with just the evidence that we could use, for example. A 'Saturn Rocket' could have made it (blank) amount of miles. We know how many miles it is to the moon. We also would then need to return the astronauts home so they would need to do those miles again. Also how fast could they travel, and when did NASA show everyone when they returned? This is the only way the debate will ever rest. The numbers are in the Rocket Science.

  • Really...

    How can you people say, "We have never been to the moon." Do you really distrust the government that much? Shouldn't we all be thankful for the government that we have? It's better than all the other governments in the world! By the way, all of the "evidence" that conspirators came up with is wrong. Science proves it. The flag waving? Uh, hello? Newton's law of inertia! And the camera is on the suit of the astronauts. There wasn't a crater where they landed because they did not need that much thrust to land on the moon that doesn't even have gravity! Overall, for the conspirators, "Get an education."

  • Why didn't they go the second or the third time?

    I will not argue the fact that there were two shadows of the stone or the flag fluttering on moon.

    My argument is based on man's psychology, once they'd found the way and means to reach to the moon, why didn't the Americans did it for the second time or the Russian emulated the feat of their arch rival.

    We see that after Edmund Hillary, as of September 2011, over 3,100 climbers from over 20 countries had made over 5,100 recorded climbs to the Everest's summit and there were over 220 recorded fatalities.

    In case of sciences scientist have emulated efforts of their predecessors, in fact, have bettered, improved on or have surpassed the original invention viz. Galileo to Hubble telescope; Alexander Graham Bell's phone to today's smart phone etc.

    But in the case of moon after the landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 in 1969, no astronaut has landed the destination again despit the fact now they have much efficient fule, vehicle and system of deliver.

    Is this not surprising and against man's psychology that we did not see the second landing?

    Farooq Ahmad

  • We didn't have the technology to go to the moon, it's that simple.

    Forget flag waving theories. We simply didn't have the technology to go to the moon. Back when a computer was the size of a house and memory disks were the size of a small car tire, with what technology did we go to the moon? My Galaxy III cell phone has far more processing power than any computer in 1960, yet the Chinese and Koreans still do not possess the technology to go to the moon. How is that possible? What technology did we have in 1969 that the Chinese and Russians still don't have TODAY? Lastly, NASA just so happened to lose the original moon landing film, and after a massive search was undertaken, NASA declares that the tapes have been "accidentally erased". How convenient. In the age of such powerful technological forensics, these tapes have been "accidentally wiped clean".

    Still believe we went to the moon?

  • Time Duration from Apollo 11 to Earth:

    The maximum time for the sound waves from the moon reaching Earth and then back to the moon is calculated to be 6.13 seconds. But as you an see in the recorded videos of the Apollo lunar landing, it only took the sound waves to reach earth and hit back to the moon in only 2.04 seconds. No one really has an explanation to this argument.

  • Lunar Escape Velocity

    A craft at the surface of the moon requires a speed of 2.4Km/s (kilometres per SECOND) to escape the gravity pull. Gravity is about 1/6 of Earth's - but this is still a significant problem for a manned heavy landing module requiring a massive amount of kinetic energy and therefore a similar separation-staged lift-off system as from Earth. Also the astronauts claimed to have nearly exhausted their fuel in the lunar landing stage, so their subsequent liftoff was not propulsion assisted: this situation (alone) would then have been fatal. 2.4km/s is several times the current land speed record on Earth: equivalent to over 8000 km/hr. Shooting video footage at 50 frames per second the Lunar pod would have simply vanished in the blink of an eye at that speed! All video evidence shows Lunar pods leaving the surface effortlessly with roughly 10m/s speed with no evident acceleration at all - not even any blast effects on the ground! Gravity would have pulled them back to the lunar surface in this ridiculous case. There's no way an aluminium pod such as that could depart the surface of the moon. What is seen in the lunar lift-off video record is a fabrication: some sort of video composite trickery done somewhere on Earth.

  • Sometimes human instinct is the most convincing evidence.

    If we walked on the moon in 1969, we would have been there many times in the last 40 years. Just watch the guilty expressions and the way the three astronauts talk in the press conference upon returning from the moon, and you know buy instinct that they did not walk on the moon.

  • Get with the program .

    The flag was moving and there isn't wind. There were no stars and also the rocket would have made a dent in the ground, so come on people think realistically this is fake and if you don't believe me take a closer look at the picture and google more information about what to expect when you land on the moon.

  • The moon landing was not faked because anyone can see the evidence with a telescope.

    All you really have to do to verify the moon landing is look up. All through the sky you can see the satellites, both active and noncommissioned spinning away. The last people who saw skies without manmade elements out there are reaching middle age. Look up and you can see the space station with naked unimpaired eyes. It's there, about as bright as Jupiter. There are about five thousand others up there to see, and with the right aids the landing site is there to see on the surface of the moon. Many third party people saw the moon landing, many took movies, audio recordings and photographs. My wife was with her father and watched it happen from their own scope. Some even can bounce lasers off of the mirrors they left behind.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • We did not go

    America is greedy. If we went once we would have done so again. Also, why has no other country gone? I truly believe that the whole thing was a hoax. I really don't care I just wish the government would come clean. It's not like anyone would be shocked by politicians telling lies.

  • Overwhelming evidence versus none

    Barring anything else, someone from the program would have squealed if it were fake. Imagine the dosh to be made from spilling the beans but it never happened. USSR never refuted it. What a coup that would have been for them. Actual landing site evidence is now available. Bask in the achievement non believers.

  • The Soviets didn't complain

    If you're in a race and see the winner take a taxi to the finish line, you say something, right? The Soviet Union had the technology to monitor the astronauts in orbit around the earth and probably farther out. They would have been able to tell if the astronauts were actually going to the moon or just doing circles around the earth for a few days. If the moon landing was faked, the Soviets would have said something....but they didn't.

  • Evidence is up there.

    There is irrefutable evidence of man landing on the moon. New high resolution images shown to us by satellites orbiting the moon clearly show foot imprints and tracks on the lunar surface. Man made objects on the moon can be tested by laser reflection. The technology required to even recreate moon conditions and fake the lunar landing did not even exist. Man landed on the moon, period.

  • Why would they?

    Why would they do that? How would they do that? Many people believe that it is a VERY big part in history, so why would they lie? How long will they keep the lie? It's stupid to fake something like that. My last question is does the president know? (this part in parenthesis is filling up the last of my 50 words.)

  • Really?

    Think about it- why would the government go through all the trouble, just to say they landed on the moon? Also, a counterargument to the people who voted yes, you didn't need much technology to blast a ship into space. Just blasters, a radio, and a stearing mechanism. Thats it. Its not like it needs a lot of fancy technology. A model rocket can make it at least a couple hundred feet up, with no more technology than a rock. I completely believe that it actually happened, and that you have to be purposely ignoring the facts to think otherwise.

  • there is no way you can fake that

    The moon landing was not faked because you can only fake that stuff in this century. The equipment you would need to fake that was not as advanced as it was here and therefore it would be obvious if that was faked in those days and i have reason to believe that it was not

  • I read some of the comments on the "Yes" side and lost a little bit of faith in humanity today.

    Probably the biggest reason for actually answering this is because of the sheer number of idiots over on the "yes" side. Sure, we can't trust our government, and sure, they'd lie to us. They have before. But the lunar landing being faked?

    The lunar landing being faked? "We didn't have the technology." Honestly?

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Anonymous says2013-04-30T07:55:56.667
I honestly think its fake, if they want us to believe its real, then let us see for ourselves, let us lannd on the moon with both feet. We have had so much time between the 1st time it has 'happened' (1969) to now (2013), let us land on the moon to prove to us and convince us its real.
justin.graves says2013-05-11T18:52:01.917
Did all of you on the "Yes" side watch too many conspiracy shows on TV and then say "THIS GIANT GLOWING BOX TELLS ME WHAT TO THINK! I SHOULD BELIEVE EVERYTHING IT SAYS!"
Anonymous says2013-05-15T02:04:14.553
If you actually believe that this is true, then you must be about four years old believing everything anyone says. There is just too much evidence of being a hoax, you must believe me that they were all lying. If we haven,t gotten to Mars yet, then how did we get there in 1969? Do your research believers.
Anonymous says2013-06-20T04:04:09.643
There are 100 reasons why the moon landing is real.

There are 100 mirrors placed around the landing site.

Reflect on that!
Anonymous says2013-07-24T14:51:57.793
And American discredit the North Koreans for believing that the first time he bowled, Kim Jong-il scored a perfect 300, according to North Korean media. Similarly, in his first-ever round of golf, he had five hole-in one holes for 38-under par round. As a Computer scientist, my opinion is "! Depends which side of the divide you lay! Would a Gov?Politician lie!!! :} Also given the extent in technology boom in the last 44 years, a trip to the moon should be of low expense and we should be going every week and at ten times the speed, quantum physics permitting of course....."
KingDebater says2013-12-02T17:38:13.217
Woah I made it to the bottom
bigdred says2013-12-26T02:09:06.277
Unfortunately too many people use simplistic concepts like "the flag was blowing" and "there are no stars" as evidence that humans havent set foot on the Moon... But those types of arguments are too easy to counter. In turn, skeptics need to educate themselves on valid arguments for the opposition that cannot be countered.

It is pretty easy to dismiss the photography and videotapes. Hell, NASA has already dismissed them... And the original tapes no longer exist, so there is no way to verify if a photo of video footage was or was not altered. The science behind the missions is the best argument though it can not be validated until another country goes to the Moon. Space radiation, the lack of strong enough computer technology to safely get humans there and back, the lack of any issues with gravity regarding people, the spacecrafts, and the rover.... These things will be best validated when another country lands on the Moon and responds "how come NASA didnt experience any of the same troubles we did?"

But the most important of all arguments...... What was the point? There was a reason for the first mission... The US wanted to beat the Russians. They wanted to show their power. They wanted to prove a point. But what was the point for 6 different manned missions that landed, and the other handful that didnt? Especially after all the issues with Apollo 13, it is absurd that NASA spent so much money and risked so much human life to go to the Moon with humans so many times... Just to collect things that could have been done with automated machines. What was the point in taking the rover? To show the world that astronauts were able to drive around on the Moon?? What would have happened if the rover failed when they were too far away from the ship, or they got lost? It is a bunch of nonsense honestly. One mission would have sufficed to show the world that NASA could do what they did. But when you have all of these other missions, with people running around on the Moon with the sun reflecting off of their visors, driving a rover (with NO FOOTAGE of the rover being unloaded and setup), and ships blowing up and malfunctioning... What is the justification for NASA having sent so many humans to the Moon..... When they now say "its too risky"?

If it is too risky now, it was too risky for all of the other missions. One mission made sense.... But all of the other missions.... Pointless. Rocks can be collected with automated machines. Pictures can be taken with automated machines. Having a human on the Moon did nothing for science other than say "hey, look... We did it". For that reason alone, it is easy to see why the missions could have been faked.

Why would the government lie about something like that? I dont know... Why would they lie about JFK? You know they did. Why would they lie about Saddam Hussein having WMDs? You know they did. Its not that hard to believe that they could have lied about the Moon landings... Especially when you see so many inconsistencies with the photos and footage.

If you believe they landed on the Moon.... Then spend some time reading the evidence that they didnt. If you believe they didnt... Then spend some time reading the evidence that they did. Then make an educated decision based on the evidence, instead of just believing what you have been told. Because if you say "the flag isnt blowing" as your evidence that they didnt, then you are easily countered. And if you say "why would the government lie?" as your evidence that they did, then you are easily countered. Those arguments are pointless.
Lanceyx says2014-01-10T07:28:35.453
I loved my commodore 64 when I was young I also had Apollo 18 simulator on it. When I played this game I could never land on the moon I kept crashing, Most people should understand the calculations on landing a lunar module on the surface of the moon are very advanced and that's why most astronauts are mathematicians to. People stating it is easy to land on the moon is very silly to say. I like this quote by a president. We do things not because they are easy but because they are hard.
hawaiiguy says2014-07-17T17:41:20.650
People say we did it to beat the Russians, yet few realize we used the Saturn V rocket, a Russian Rocket to supposedly get there! That the rocket is 10x's smaller than whats actually required when a physicist does the math is another issue entirely. The lunar module alone required a 400'+ rocket fuel supply, and actuator fuel ports to keep the module from crashing to the moon, of which it had none.

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