• Why is this even a debate?

    Of course it was. Start using your brain, Start reading the Bible, Start questioning everything you have learned in school and everything you see on the news. Start questioning the 9-5 slave working world, Start questioning your medicine and vaccines and the content you watch on Netflix and Prime, Wake up, You're being manipulated, Tested upon and ultimately used and destroyed. Yes, The moon landings were fake. We cannot get to space. Space does not exist. Let go of that addiction to space, Your hobby, Your games, Your sci-fi entertainment. . . Let go. You CAN do it.

  • Filming. How would they film?

    How would they film it if nobody had been on the moon before Neil Armstrong. Rovers? No. My guess is that it was a Hollywood scandal to get people to donate to NASA. I bet hat people really did go to the moon, But I bet the filmed part wasn't real.

  • It Was a Lie

    In 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. However, Some people believe that this was faked in order to win the race to the moon. Russia and USA were desperate to win this race! Why not just film it in a TV studio? Also, If you look at the footage the flag is blown by the wind. There is no wind in space!

  • They had the motive

    The Gemini ended up a failure. The Russians already were in orbit with Sputnik. The Americans needed something to out due the Russians and win the space race and bankrupt the Soviet Union.
    It is possible to fake a moon landing. There was a documentary on how easy it is to create the illusion of space.
    There were possible people who could have done it in NASA. And I am not saying that we never went to the moon. We just went later. How do you expect to believe that the Apollo landed with all of the bugs and problems that they had? I believe that the just launched a rocket and that no one was inside.

    Buzz Aldrin and all of the original team were very strange men. The kind who would keep secrets from the public and have no issue lying

  • There is room for doubt

    The flag blowing, The weird dialogue between the astronauts hooking each other up to some weird cable, The discrepancies in the cross hairs in the photos, The existence of a huge NASA model of the moon that could be used to fake the landing footage- yes, There is room for doubt.

  • Dude you just disproved yourself

    Look at the original photos and you will see that the shadows are not right,
    Stalin had photo edited technology. Look at how Stalin used photo edited and ask yourself if the USA could do it to.
    Movie CGI is bad because studios are too cheap and lazy to do a good job. Look at the professional freelancers and see how it is possible to create fabricated stuff.
    Apollo 11 was a movie studio.

  • No comrades, It was real

    No Russian bots, It was not faked. There is more than enough evidence pointing to the fact it was not faked; high resolution photos of today's moon show the remanence of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Including the footprints left behind.

    It's been a long time since sputnik, Hard to believe I know.

    Cyka Blyat Comrades you might be winning the poll, But you are in the minority believing it was faked.

  • It was the middle of the Cold War

    How many Soviet spies had breached NASA? Probably a lot. If it was faked, Then the spies would know and they would report back to Russia with news. The Russians would then announce to the world that America had tried to fake an important achievement. Plus there are all the workers at NASA. Do you know how hard it would be to keep a secret that big and important from a few hundred thousand people. Then there are a few more pieces of evidence. Their footprints are still on the moon. There are also pictures of them landing in the ocean. It was not faked

  • There is 100% no way the moon landing was faked

    It would be impossible to fake a moon landing.

    1. The lighting of the footage showing the astronaut shadows, Flag, Etc, Would be impossible to create. The light source, The sun, Made that. See how in the moon photos all the shadows are straight? If that was to be recreated in a studio, The shadows wouldn't be the same.

    2. It would be impossible for over 400, 000 NASA workers, And every other space agency, To keep the moon landing a secret and for it to keep going to this day.

    3. Other countries like England Australia and even the Soviet Union watched the movie landing and never said anything about it being faked.

    Get your head out of the dirt and start thinking.

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