• I believed in it until

    I saw the photos. They looked edited. In one of them the cross hairs is wrong and so are the shadows. The shadows indicated a close light source, And a lot of things are off.
    Stanley Kubrick was involved with the CI_ and if you look at the 2001 Odyssey you can see that they are capable of creating a moon landing. He was the one who helped fake the moon landing for his country.

    Then Kubrick directed the shinning. King hated that Kubrick deviated from the movie. The boy wore an Apollo shirt and there was NASA symbolism in the movie. Was it really real?

  • It Was a lie!

    In 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. However, Some people believe that this was faked in order to win the race to the moon. Think about it! Wouldn't it just be easier it film it in a TV studio out in the desert? Why is there wind blowing the USA flag when there is no wind in space!

  • That just it. You people fell for the lie

    Of course the Russians were spying us. But that is why COMPARTMENTALIZATION exist. Ask people at NASA and they will tell you they did one job and did not know anything else. Only a few people knew what was happening.
    They launched an empty rocket. They probably did land on the moon but at a later date. The government had the ability to alter photos.
    Look at the technology Stalin had at photo manipulation.
    Ask for the data and you will be told that it is destroyed. Yes they have a lot of tb of edited newer data but the original data was destroyed.

  • I used to believe it was real for decades and was a staunch supporter of the official narrative. . . . No more

    Different light sources, Shadows going in different directions, SAME backgrounds reused and passed off as different locations, No blast crater under LEM or lunar dust on the landing pads, No rocket noise inside the LEM when landing and NO TELEMETRY DATA (what would amount to like something over 100 REELS of tape…(or so I'm told) of the ENTIRE Apollo mission series. . . Etc, Etc, Etc. . . . .

    And that's just SOME of the proof supporting the case it never happened. . . . How much do you need?

  • There was some odd shadow in the backround

    There was also wind blowing on the flag. Why is there wind in space if there is no oxygen in space? Nasa also claims that they can't go back to the moon because they destroyed all the technology used in it, Including all other footage of the landing? Its fake.

  • It was real

    NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Which has orbited and mapped the Moon at the highest resolution ever, Returning hundreds of Terabytes of data, Has something to say about that.

    With this data we can see the astronaut footprints and modules left behind.

    The orbiter's Narrow Angle Camera has photographed three of the landing sites: Apollo 12, 14, And 17, To unprecedented precision and accuracy.

  • Of course it was real

    If it was faked, Which it wasn't, Wouldn't Russia have said something already? And why would every government lie about it? There is nothing to gain by lying. There is, However, Plenty of evidence that all points to this being real. If you decide to ignore the evidence, You might as well also believe that the Earth is flat because saying the moon landing is fake is on that level of stupidity.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous

    This site should lose tons of credibility for allowing a fringe conspiracy like this to appear on its front page. The fact that there are people here that believe these kinds of ridiculous theories makes me wonder why I even bother posting answers on this site. This is absolutely insane.

  • Come on people

    Use your fricking brain.

    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=zhp-FTYSGe8

    There is little to no evidence that the moon landing was fake. If you think it was faked, Please, Go outside and stay far away from the internet as to not spread your BS on the internet. Thank you and buh bye you crazy kooks.

  • Yes the moon landing was real!

    I'm sorry I don't understand stupidity but yes the moon landing was real and was not shot in a tv studio. If you go look at a recording of the 1969 moon landing you will see them plant the flag thats the only time the flag actually moves when there done planting it it doesn't move.

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