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  • Smoking is unhealthy and detrimental.

    There is no reason why, As the title says, "we should smoke". This act brings nothing but harm to the body. For instance, In the United States of America, An approximation of 480, 000 people or more die every year due to cigarette smoking. Even if one does not die from this (though, Of course, Death is incredibly likely for smoke addicts), It will still greatly damage the lungs, Leading to asthma, Coughs, And, More likely than not, Fatal diseases such as lung cancer and COPD.

    Not only does smoking hurt and even kill you, But it also harms those around you. Remember how I said 480, 000 people die from cigarette smoking? Well, Similarly, 41, 000 people die just from secondhand exposure to smoke.

    Smoking is terrible, Unhealthy, And it most certainly kills.

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