• Common Signs of Cheating Spouse

    Most people would agree that cheating on your spouse is wrong, And for those who worry that they may have a cheating spouse, There are signs. In most instances, Those who commit adultery are married and are having an affair with someone other than their marriage partners. Everyone who is involved in an affair suffers. There can be consequences of the crime they made. If you are worried that your spouse may be cheating on you, Here are some signs of cheating spouse:

    Behavioral change: generally this is the first or the common thing you can notice with your spouse. They may have started to change their attitude. When you get married, Both spouses were loving and thoughtful and always remember your wedding anniversary and your birthday, All the important occasions to both of you as wife and husband. They may start to make up reasons for not being there or forgetting things.

    Uncomfortable: This is one of the signs of cheating spouse where you may begin to see that your spouse is becoming less comfortable when you are together. You may notice this when they do not talk to you more or always inform you of what happened during the day at home or at work. There will also come a time that he starts a fight in order to stomp out the house. They may start to taken the smallest thing to make an issue and make the whole thing as a big fight.

    Strange caller: another situation in which you become aware of the signs of cheating spouse could be when you receive a call from your mobile phone and then suddenly when you answered the call, The caller hang up or you do not recognize the number but see that it has called frequently. You observe also that most of the time your spouse deletes all the calls that they received from the phone. You may have found them talking to someone on their phone and speaking in a low voice, Or even a whisper so that you can not hear.

    Unfamiliar Gifts: your spouse has a lot of new things that you are certain did not come from you. These gifts are usually personal things like undergarments, Cologne or perfume and accessories, And are usually expensive.

    Increased credit card bills: you may also notice that the credit card bills are higher, Or that there seems to be less money in the accounts that you share. Your spouse may deny knowing anything about the extra money spent, Or make up reasons as to why there are increased charges, But yet can not prove what they have spent the money on or where it has been spent.

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