• I Like pink more

    To me pink is a more tasteful color. Even though I like chocolate I think Strawberry is better. Pink represents womanhood and breast cancer awareness and is in the lesbian pride flag. This is why I believe pink is a better color than brown. Than again I might be Biased.

  • Pink is better.

    Brown is the worlds most ugliest color ever it’s dirt pinks prettier it’s nicer and no matter what will be better then brown. Pink is just more favorited then brown sure brown looks cute on a dog but tobacco smoking dirt Pantone just disgusting the only thing I like about brown it’s chocolate.

  • Brown is cool

    I like the colour brown because many trees are brown and cute stuffed bears are brown. No country has used it on there flag while many countries have adopted other colours such as red, White or blue. The main thing about brown is that it is a inclusive colour by giving a feeling of worth which few other colours have.

  • Wood is the color brown

    Pink is a color only a few people like. Even some girls do not like pink. And those who like pink go overboard and has some personality disorder if everything they own has to be in pink. Excessive pink is an eyesore for me.
    Brown comes in many shades and, Wood is mostly brown. There is oak and chestnut acacia. Even terracotta can look good in brown. Sure there are red colored wood and some people paint wood to be white or black, But natural wood is brown.

    You just have to pick the right shade. Same goes for pink. There is something about pink plastic that looks like its dirty.

  • Of course brown!

    People say that pink is better, But what if dirt is pink? What if wood is pink? What happens then? What if a cigar is pink? Will you not like it anymore? What if DOGS are pink? You need brown in your life, Otherwise everything would look very odd. Brown is more needed than pink. That's my reason.

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