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What do you think is the strangest fandom (huge fan group) ?

Asked by: XxShiro123xX
  • Dan and Phil have creepy tween girls worshipping them and it's gross

    Okay, so this is just sad to say, but these grown men are most likely child predators. I'm just saying, the way they act and their demographic is strange. Their fans all spam YouTube comment sections and always have usernames that also include the number 21 in them. They want these men to be together romantically and even, sexually! They are corrupting the mindset of young girls and brainwashing them and they have annoying accents too. Please mothers, protect your kids. Thank you.

  • A lot of anime fandoms have strange fans

    I'm not saying everyone who watches anime is strange, I'm saying that some are. For example, there are strange weeaboo men who sleep with anime body pillows they call their "waifu(s)". They are obsessed with fourteen year old cartoon girls and are really perverted overall. They're very strange people who need to stop

  • Every fandom has sexual ships

    Literally fanfiction is a thing. It doesnt matter the fandom but fans will no matter what have ships and want the two to be together. The maze runner has ships, divergent, SUPERNATURAL, yes dan and phil, but literally just because you pin pointed the phandom doesnt mean that it is the worst they are all the same. The bronies are the weird ones

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