What do you think of voluntarily giving up your DNA to see where you came from? IE tv ads.

Asked by: Sooooscofit
  • My DNA is my legacy

    The ancestry part is a little wonky. I was told I was a jew and then in an update told that I had no Jewish ancestry. I then submitted my DNA zip file to another company and they told me that I was 100% one ethnic group.
    I think because there are disagreements on what a "pure" ethnic group is. A lot of Italians think they are Italians but they are not even half. What was useful was in checking if I had any genetic defects. Thankfully I am healthy.
    Honestly they can do whatever they want with my DNA.
    Who knows maybe in the future they will clone my DNA to seed a new planet with a future clone of me.

  • It's a Crock Science

    When it's available to the masses with the ease of picking up a pregnancy test, I put it on a level with X-Ray Glasses and Sea Monkeys. Prof. Warren is no friend of mine, But I'll take family oral tradition and grant her Indian blood, Before I'd ever accept Nucleic Schematics for All. How stupid. FWIW, I'm not buying Bern's "boson" as God, Either.

  • Curiosity of DNA request

    I understand people wanting to know their ancestry. I wanted to do it myself but then I got to thinking. . That would make it a whole lot easier for police and “ others” to collect and a whole lot cheaper for them because we would be the ones paying for it directly instead. . . . . Hmm Maybe that was the plan. Yes I’m a conspiracy theorist. Too much going on not to be these days.

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