What do you understand by Environmental Racism

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  • Environmental pollution such as hazardous waste is more in poor economies.

    Many, Such as DDT (which lead to the near eradication of birds) and chlorofluorocarbons (which almost destroyed Earth’s protective ozone layer) only revealed their harmful nature by nearly killing us. In short, Things look pretty bleak.

    The Concept of Environmental Racism

    In 1987, When the concept of environmental racism was first coined, Researchers discovered that communities of colour and low income communities were far more likely to have polluting industries (power plants and garbage dumps, For example) within their boundaries.

    In 2007, Researchers went back and re-examined the issue, Hoping that awareness of the problem would have led to corrective measures. Instead they found the reverse; the amount of pollution in these communities had increased.

    Read more on- https://www. Seekersthoughts. Com/2019/03/the-chemical-management-should-be. Html

    India is a developing country, And industries are a major source of hazardous waste in developing countries.

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