• Yes, Obama's Last Name is "The President" LEAKED AREA 51 INFO!

    I know his last name is "The President" because when I stormed area 51, I saw a bunch of human hostages held by the government who knew that Obama's last name is "The President. " They were being executed, But I got out alive by sacrificing the guy standing next to me and running. You're welcome, People.

  • Obama has a last name, And it is Obama.

    Barack Obama is his full name. Now that the first part is the first name and the last part is the last name, Obama's last name is Obama. It is baffling how people does not accept this fact. Obama's father(Which the family name is inherited by the paternal parent) is called Barack Obama Sr. Obama is his real last name, So his son, The former president of the United States also has a last name of Obama.

  • Yes, Obama's last name was leaked this past November.

    I know some people may say it isn't megalovania, But it is. Sans confirmed it with the cuphead guy on Final Destination. Matt was also there, But he got zero-to-deathed by little mac before Mac didn't recover. I hope next smash reveal for the next 6 fighters, Obama Megalovania will show up. Thank You for changing your mind, My name is Meme and your watching Disney channel.

  • Nobody knows Obama's last name, It's a secret.

    I raided area 51 like Alphafroztdragon, But I wasn't able to get out alive. I am a ghost. Please help. I need food. I can eat because I am a ghost. Ahhhhhhh! I don't know his last name and area 51 guards killed me. His last name may be kept in area 52.

  • His name is Barack Obama.

    OBAMA IS HIS LAST NAME. This is of course filler info because there is no need for 50 words in this section. Like really debate. Org? You can't at least make it 25 words? This is, Of course, Useless to post on. It is just a meme. I do in fact know AlphaFroztDragon, He is cool.

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