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  • The C7 Is a Stingray

    The Corvette Stingray is a longstanding model of higher end sports car, and the C7 is one model of Stingray that was released for 2014. All of the Stingrays were top of the line technology in their time, and the C7 is no different, however since it is a Stingray it is not valid to say that it is better than a Stingray.

  • Don't like the rear end

    If I wanted to buy a Zl1 camaro i would buy one. I have owned C2 C5 GSC6 and not all changes were instant love, but people say that the corvette has camaro inspired tail lights what a insult maybe if we are lucky the C8 might be the one

  • The Corvette C7 is a Corvette Stingray! Your picture is when it was a concept.

    Your picture is a C7, whats different is that your picture is the new C7 but just in a concept stage. The body has changed to meet standards and safety and now is what it looks like to day. Just to make clear, your photo is the new C7, its just in its final form now and is for sale.

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