• European Cars are Leaps and Bounds better than American cars.

    American cars are so crappy its not even funny. European cars are way better styled, engineered, and made. American cars are made with cheap plastic, have horrible chassis, when i look at them i pue in my mouth. The only good thing American cars are for is utilities, like a Jeep or A pick-up truck. I cannot think of a SINGLE American sports car that even holds a light to European cars.

  • Isn't it obvious?

    The German and Italian cars are known World Wide for being extremely high quality, the same for Japanese cars.

    American cars are widely known to only be useful when going in a straight line, they slide around corners. No American production car can beat a Nissan GTR round corners.

    In terms of power the American cars may have a big Litre engine but this just tells us the engine size - not the power. The European cars put out a lot more power for the size of the engines. If you let the Germans loose on a big American engine they extra power they could squeeze out of it would be simply insane.

  • Are you kidding me?

    An American car does not hold a candle to German engineering. The first car ever made was German and the last car will be German. Americans need to shake off that false hubris they carry and become accustomed with the fact they are idea stealers and not even good at that.

  • Foreign cars are better.

    Not only do they have better performance, better looks, better quality, and everything else, they just rock. I assume you are talking about European Sports cars :) and not car companies like Toyota or Honda. ( Still better than most American cars anyway, but yeah) Nice picture of the Aventador by the way. :)

  • I take the view that

    European cars have different safety standards. American require dual airbags, they require headlight washers. American have long commutes here, so American cars have good cup holders. Europeans don't understand why you would want a beverage in your car. American cars tend to have less maintence requirements, but are not known for their longevity. European cars have higher maintence requirements, but as long as you keep putting money into them they just keep running. But European for me is better because of its desig and quality, it is just my own opinion

  • Because america great because america is good

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  • Americans steal all ideas from foreign countries

    If you compare every car america has made with some other foreign cars in the same year then you can tell that america stole the same body style/look of the car and also they try to make the engine similar also, so really america dosent make any original cars because they are trash

  • Foreign is so much more better

    Foreign cars are made with premium material and has lots more features. Domestic cars are made with cheap materials. All you rednecks are getting WW2 into this. And everyone that thinks that muscle cars are actually good, they are not even strong. These stupid cars are nothing compared to foreign!!!!!

  • American is made shitty

    They don't know how to make cars.They make cars so that the break and bring them right back, so you keep giving them money.You never see a old ford or Chevy unless they have been completely remade in the sense that they changed almost everything out of it.As a Honda you see cars 20-25 even 30 years old and still going strong.That person saying you have to but american because you live in America is just stupid,America was made shitty and still is shitty.Also if you don't buy foreign things because they are not made in America do you not buy anything at all, almost everything is made in china or out of america so you argument is just stupid and idiotic.

  • There's no debate

    Cheap plastic, vinyl, inefficient, ugly, unreliable, disgraceful to a true car enthusiast Versus quality materials, leather, efficient, beautiful, something someone who absolutely loves cars can be proud of owning.

    Disclaimer: This does not refer to classic American Muscle, I love a 67 fastback as much as the next guy, but when it comes down to today's modern cars, there is NO debate.

    SUCK IT REDNECKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Even a crap car like a Chrysler is still better than a Yugo!

    Even a crap car like a Chrysler is still better than a Yugo! A Chevy pickup is better at moving a load of gravel than is a Lamborghini! A Checker made a better taxi than a Morris Mini! A Jeep is better at off road driving than is a Bentley! And you can pick up more chicks with a Mustang than with a Isuzu Panel Van.

  • Are you Kidding me?

    How the hell can you idiots support foreign car companies after all this country has been through? Does World war 2 mean anything to you? I think you people are nuts! You have no loyalty to this country or the solders who fought for you!
    Guess what, if you think these foreign junks, are better than American cars then get you and your foreign junk out of America! How can you go against your country?
    ...Just another example of consumers that consume,rather than being educated on what we went though to be an independent nation.

  • Recall numbers, Power, Cost, Reliability

    Nearly all foreign car company's outnumber the US in recalls by the millions. Compared to a 400 hp mustang GT there are 400 hp lamborghinis. There are also mustangs faster than a GT like a cobra, gt 500 cobra, boss 302, and super snake. All faster than the mirroring year modle lamborghinis at a far lower price. When living in the US its cost inefficient to buy a foreign car because of the cost to ship repair parts from across the ocean when you can go to you local auto parts store to buy your replacement.

  • American made is always better.

    "Made In U.S.A." Anytime I see those words on a product that I have purchased, I instantly smile. Why? American products have a reputation of being durable, high quality, and simply superior. Same as the Swiss in that regard. American and Swiss manufacturing have the reputation for a reason. We make great products that are superior in quality yet competitive in price.

  • Give me a Ford Superduty crew cab 4x4 and a Chevy Corvette.

    The Japanese cars are some of the ugliest things on the road! Also expensive European/German sport and luxury cars spend most of there time in the garage with a car cover on it. The Corvette and Mustang Shelby 500 can keep up with your expensive Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, etc.. Most of the people who drive the foreign sports cars are to fat, old, or lacking enough testosterone to even get in the car, let alone properly drive one. Also with a few cheap modification's the Vette or Stang will make gramp's wanna turn around for a diaper change. As for trucks Ford or Chevy is all that needs to be said. Also foreign car lovers hardly ever compare vehicles apple to apple. They like taking midsized BMW's at $50k and comparing it to a midsize Chevy Malibu LTZ at $30k. Fair?

  • Fords cars are built tough

    Ford cars are built tough and no foreign car can beat that name. This is why I like American cars better than foreign cars. Like the new f150 I like the styling more than a Mercedes in my opinion. Cadillacs are more luxurious than some of the import vehicles on the road.

  • American Cars are built for American tastes

    No foreign automaker knows what Americans want better than American automakers. Americans don't want space efficiency and small uncomfortable seats. Currently foreign cars are no more reliable than domestics. And when you consider the overrated value and dubious depreciation of Honda and Toyota vehicles then Its makes perfect sense to buy domestic. If you don't agree then keep putting around in your Subaru. I'll keep my v8 Mustang

  • American cars are better.

    I think people should buy cars from their own country to help support the car companies and help contribute to increasing their own economy. Some of the foreign cars look great and new, but it is better to try and help out your own country and companies over here because the money goes around in a cycle.

  • Domestic I think

    I think it goes without saying that if you take care of your car, it will take care of you but in my opinion they still do have differences and some are a little more prone to breaking than others. To me a big key is what era the cars are being compared. In the 60-s to the 80's I'd say the American cars are better overall however today the Imports, especially the Japanese are holding their own with their great fuel mileage and engine durability. Domestic vehicles tend to have more power though and that to me in an important factor.

  • You Can't beat the original

    Who says american cars dont handle well. Examples are the shelby cobra 350, corvette zr1, and dodge viper acr. Dont like the cost, there is always the ford foxus rs that is faster than the subaru sti or the audi s3 hatchback. The point is american cars do have performance that can compete with European cars. Includint the sedans like the ford fusion sport and the cadilac cts-v

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SloppyJoe6412 says2013-10-24T22:49:51.027
Ok, so is a Toyota made in the US an American car? And is a Ford made in Mexico a foreign car?

(crickets chirping)
bigdave says2013-11-16T05:07:13.817
Better is a qualitative value. Comparisons must involve quantitative evaluations. The answers here are just opinions and opinions are like baby diapers. All the little babies have one, and they are often full of excrement.
Snowmanboy13 says2013-12-23T03:11:42.573
How is "better" defined here. Is it mpg, speed muscle, what?

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