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  • Fortnite, For a number of reasons.

    The game is much more challenging than PUBG. Even though that may not seem good, You will eventually get bored of PUBG because it is too easy for you. Fortnite, On the other hand, Keeps you playing, Because you won't always get a win or even be in the top 10, Giving the game a subtle surprise element.

  • Pubg is better than Fortnite!

    I agreed with the guy below. A few months ago, I quit Fortnite for the same reasons. There's lags and bugs everywhere like. . . Flying walls, Player died unreasonable and more fortnite should be erase from steam. Almost everyone in my school hate fortnite. I hate it too. Fortnite sucks

  • Fornite is pissing me off!

    Fornite's graphic are bad and cheesy, Boring!
    The guns, Characters, Battle bus in there looks like some toys for 3 years old kids!
    And we can't take a shot in zone cuz their maps is lack of scopes!
    Also, It's often have lags and bugs while playing. Fortnite is sucks

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