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Who do you think Marius should have been with: Eponine (yes) or Cosette? (no)

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Eponine and Marius <3

    I grew up thinking that Marius and Cosette were the real deal. But now that I'm older and fully understand, I don't think that's true at all. Eponine loved Marius so much as to take a bullet for him and learn all that she could about him, To gain understanding and respect from and for the man she loved. I can hardly say the same for Cosette. She has a sweet and beautiful spirit, And I can see why Marius fell for her, But I believe Eponine would have been a better love.

  • Eponine and Marius!

    It is evident that Marius only fell in love with Cosette's because of her looks. Logically, in the long run Marius and Cosette will realise they barely know each other and will probably live a struggled marriage. Eponine has an understanding of Marius being friends, and have the same passionate spirit. While, Cosette is weak.

  • Although I love Eponine, I think Marius was better off with Cosette.

    I love Eponine and I felt really sorry for her that she loved someone who didn't love her back let alone oven notice that she was in love with him, but I think Marius was better off with Cosette. One reason is because she's of higher status than Eponine. Had Marius been with Eponine, he probably would have been looked down upon by society for marrying an impoverished "street rat" another reason is because I just like he and Cosette better. They fit better than Marius and Eponine do. I think the two were better off as just friends.
    I think Eponine should have stopped waiting on Marius in hope that he would love him, moved on and found someone who would actually have loved her. She probably would not have died if she had done so.

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