• That Is A Normal Dog

    Hey! @DeborahHills It's Called A Meme, A Meme Is An Image With No Corporal Meaning But Is Funny Still, That Dog Is From The Game: the Sims 4, The Background Looks Like A Gymnasium, The Dog: Doge, Is A Fat Shiba Inu Dog, May This Meme Rest In Peace, You're Welcome

  • Give me back my dog

    Tis my dog tell jay that i wantmy dog back cause his name is mr fooflefloffle and i need him rn my mental state is increasing plez give me my doggy back or i will cry myself to sleep slowly and never ever forgive zee monster named jay ); lol

  • I don't understand

    He already has a dog is this a threat. He also sent a text but it was emojies and i don't understand that nonsense it said heart heart heart and then a little yellow man sticking his tongue out is this sexuaul please help me please help me //=

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