• Because blue eyes are the most useful eye colour in their own environment.

    To answer this debate, We must go back to the question, Why do people have blue eyes in the first place? This in turn takes us back to Scandinavia, Approx 6000 B. C: A caveman is born with a mutation, And as a result, His eyes are blue instead of brown. He breeds with many women, Whose children pass on these blue eye mutation until nearly everyone in the region has blue eyes.

    But what is the use of blue eyes? You may wonder. To that, I say that blue eyes are adapted to the cold European environment. The light colour helps reflect more sunlight, (which is scarce in Northern Europe), Making it easier to see in the low light geography of the region. (think of it like slight nightvision) while on the downside blue eyes have much trouble seeing in high light conditions, Which is why you may notice your blue eyed friends wearing sunglasses on a sunny day.

  • Because their eyes

    They're eyes. They're nice as the big blue sky, They're as beautiful as the pot of weed your mother used to smoke and chuck at you. They're as smooth as the baby's ass cheeks I see getting smacked angrily by their mother on the opposite end of the street.

    You love blue eyes, Don't cha?

  • Weak eyes that can't even see good

    Blue eyed people must wear sunglasses in bright areas so you cannot even see their eyes. I have brown eyes and I can see just fine.
    If you like blue eyes so be it. It comes with weaknesses but you do you.
    I like natural red heads and brunettes. I prefer brown or green eyes.
    Blond people I avoid mingling with them.

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