Why do the peolpe migrat unemploment or insecurete

  • Yes it can cause unemploment

    Many people those migrat another country it may be ti solve their problems
    . Those peolpe they want to get better life what is whay they going another country.
    Even is their own country get what ever thay need they never go anywere at that time.
    The people they die with out reason but no one not understand their needes.
    They run out to get better live and better futur.

  • Insecurity and no future

    You need money to migrate. The illegal immigrants will save up their money and leave. People think that they just walk across with nothing but clothes and drugs but that is far from true.
    They have to have some money on them to pay for passage and to buy food and pay for a place to stay. You need at least 4, 000 American dollars.
    They are willing to brave a desert or sea with only a few gallons of water. Just to cross.
    The drug cartels own everything and American do not understand that they funded the drug cartels. They have American weapons and Americans dollars. And the border patrol is corrupt as Mexican officials. You are afraid of America becoming Mexico and I can tell you that it already is. You let a hungry wolf become president. And that wolf put a lot of wolf pups in charge. Even if all the Latinos vanished from the country America is doomed to be a corrupt place.

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