Why is it SO difficult to adopt a pet from shelters/rescues nowadays?

  • Dog shelters, Rescues now are WAY too strict in their rules for adoption

    This is the first time in years that I have had to adopt a dog. I had no idea what I was up against. It has been several months that I have applied at shelters, Rescues, And you either never hear anything back or your long application, With endless PERSONAL questions is denied, With no explanation.
    After one finally did contact me (they saw the bad review), I realized that after she had contacted my veterinarians, It was all over. Even her tone changed when she asked for that info. . . It has become all to apparent to me that once they contact your vet, If they find out you didn't spay or neuter ANY of your pets, Never mind if you did some over the years. . . . You are blacklisted. Never mind that you are a good pet owner; have shown your responsibility in other ways, Such as getting their tags with your city, When the majority of people don't, Have given them good care at the vets, Are retired and you have all this time to spoil them, LOVE them. Your kids are gone. WHERE did this lack of common sense, Judgment creep in over the years? I KNOW we have had too many unwanted dogs and some shelters are overrunning over the years, But this doesn't make sense! You force people to go to expensive breeders and, Dare I say it? CRAIGSLIST! There are many people out there who could give good homes to countless, Homeless dogs, But because of this fanaticism about spaying/neutering, They can't, If they don't like what your vet says! And by the way, All that spaying, Neutering at such young ages; some times 2 months, Is NOT good for their health! I remember years ago, Before they put everything online, You could find good, Healthy dogs from your local shelters (all breeds folks), Neighborhood, Work. Now they get dogs from other states (overcrowded), Many times sick, And now, They are getting them from Asia, Where many are bred for profit and told that they are rescues to unsuspecting, Trusting Americans, And now some of these dogs carry some disease that can be very serious for our dogs here!
    So here I sit, Very lonely without a dog, Looking at all the toys, Blankets in my house; nice, Empty back yard. . . . Pictures of the dogs we have had over the years. . . . . . . WHAT happened, I say. . . . ?

  • They are strict with reason

    They are strict because they want the animals to have good homes. Homes that will take good care of them. They have strict rules about spaying and neutering because they don't want the dogs to be sold to backyard breeders. The rules got more strict because they started caring more than they used to.

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