• A picture is worth a thousand words

    I have read some very thic books. Some have no pictures only words. Some have a few illustrations. Movies though is something that can do something. It can show you how it happens. It can bring something to life in a movie.
    You can see iron man. You can see the light saber battles and you can see the sweat and blood.
    Reading A sword fight makes you have to imagine it and you forget how the character looks like. He had a thunderbolt scar and he red hair. Wait was he on a cliff where was he? And by the end of the book you forget how they look like.
    They say words but you cannot hear thier voice. They speak in an accent but you do not hear it.
    And then the biggest peeve of mine. You waste a lot of time reading.
    You spend a good 4 or 8 or 12 hours reading a book and you hate it. You wasted your life finding out that you hate the twilight book when you can see the movie and see that the twilight series is trashy.
    I for one will never read hunger games and I am glad I did not waste my time reading about the dumb catniss.
    Thank you movies you saved me from hours of wasting my time.

  • TV is the best

    TV is better than books because they can be education if you are in the right channel. TV can inspire kids to do good things for the environment and this means more good ideas for the economy I also think that If you have a book It would hurt your hands and cause blisters to form in your palm

  • BOoooks Are superior

    To put it simply, There are significantly more books than any television related so by default they cover significantly more topics. Television didn't even exist 100 years ago, So all than wonderful stories told in the first 13. 8 billion years of the universe are limited to what has been written or remembered. There's also the matter of getting into the thoughts of the characters, With words you can describe basically anything, Things but TV has a hard time displaying what books have been fully capable of since their conception. Also the discussion changes quite drastically depending on what you're referring to as TV, And you should probably not start of with the premise of "Why TV is better than books" if you're trying to begin an honest discussion of which is better than the other.

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