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  • Hah u are a noob at fortnite

    Hecking idiot don't even have v bucks that is why I bully you
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  • My friend, I would not bully you. Pleas read by comments

    I was bullied in middle school and high school; it does not affect me now. It did for a while, But I came to a couple conclusions: First, That I bullied not for any faults I may or may not have, But because the bully him or herself needed to expend emotional energy in an unhealthy, Imprudent manner. Second, And because of this realization, I chose not to take the bullying personally - it is simply the emotional reaction of another human being; a method they use to feel in control of their own lives by attempting to destabilize another life.
    Bullies thrive on our reactions; if you do not react, Odds are they while stop bullying.
    If this does not work, Try having an honest, Respectful, Conversation with them - this has worked for me in the past. As them why they are doing these thing, And to kindly stop.
    Above all else, Remember this, Whoever you are: You are a beautiful, Unique person. Everyone on earth has the capacity to become one if they are not already. Do not take bullying personally, Because others' animosity towards you is a function of their own internal torments, Not your own. Be kind, Be brave, And do not let them get to you or let them diminish what you love.
    Live life, Love life, Love those around you. Love's like a virus, It spreads and infects those around you. Radiate it with everything you have, And your life and the lives of those around you will be better for it.

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