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  • Americans will re-elect Donald trump

    Despite all the smear campaign run by democrats against Trump he does have a pretty strong economy and a job card score that's very impressive. Democrats lack to understand that Trump supporters elected him on a narrative that he was an outsider and he was here to distrupt the way Washington conducted it's business. He came in to drain the swamp. His supporters see him as a victim in all this and in a way to them Trump is suffering for their sake and to save their country. Trump is not a typical candidate by traditional standards. Trump is a distruptor that Americana settled for as a protest to their alienation by the establishment. Statistics show that thou Latinos suffer the most in Trump's immigration policy they also are the greatest beneficiaries of his taxcuts. To his supporters he made promises and he is delivering. He promised them a wall and he has done all in his power to deliver it. . What democrats see as an impeachment process meant to restore normalcy in Washington his supporters see as a political witch-hunt by the "deep state"meant to derail Trump from making America, Great again. Combined by the fact of an impressive job ans economy perfomance and delivery of promises to his base plus the love of his supporters for him. Trump will be Re elected. . The polls have it all wrong and democrats too. . This smeering only helps Trump build his narrative when he goes on counter offensive he will obliterate them

  • While the Right distances itself from the Alt-Right, The Left is embracing the Alt-Left.

    You know what’s going to get Trump reelected? Political correctness. Americans are sick and tired of an America where they feel afraid to speak up about an issue they happen to disagree with. Conservatives are regularly shunned, Censored and ostracized from discussions. A perfect example of this would be any one of the many social media companies, Including Google. Google owns YouTube for example, And if you’ve been paying attention at all to YouTube for the past few years, You will have noticed an extreme shift in the content being promoted in YouTubes recommendations, And of channels being either demonetized, Or forced to shut down completely. Another example would be Twitter, Banning those such as Milo Yinnopolaus, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, And others. This was a coordinated attack from social media companies, To silence the opposition, And to silence free speech. So why is Trump getting re-elected 2020? Political correctness baby! (And the economy, Which is good btw. )

  • Sadly, The answer is yes

    His supporters are just too utterly fanatic to ever stop voting for him. If the impeachment hearings get through, He won't get removed from office in all likelihood due to the people involved in that part being mostly with him. Damn unhappy this is the likely truth, But it probably is.

  • Yes. He will.

    Look at the overwhelming win he had in 2016 against Clinton. . . He had 304 Votes while linton only had 227. If you now look at the candidates running for 2020. . . Https://www. Nytimes. Com/interactive/2019/us/politics/2020-presidential-candidates. Html. . . There is nobody that can really compare, Biden couldn't get President in 2009 against Obama and won't be able to against Trump. Sanders, Probably won't even survive Presidency. Nobody else has a good chance.

  • Never underestimate stubborn suckers

    Why can't people stop gambling? Why can't they leave their abusive husband. Because they believe that everything will work out and that there is no other choice. They burned so many Bridges and they went so far, They do not want to admit that they were wrong and want to irritate the left.
    I believe he will win and he might actually cause the great crash. I am old so I do not care if the world goes to ww3,

  • Trump has alienated so many of those who voted for him

    Trump barely won the 2016 presidential election, As in needle thin. He was up against an opponent who some democrats didn't like, And who had the disadvantage of being under investigation during the election. Trump has lost all of that, And most importantly the swing voters he needs to win the next election. The shutdown of a GM plant was a huge blow to the Trump voters who were promised their jobs back. Rural America, Especially farmers, Who mostly voted for Trump, Are now against him thanks to the ongoing trade war that has seen their production and profit tumble. Assuming Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate, Who is not nearly as liberal as the others, Trump is going to get absolutely thrashed in this next election when independent voters choose Biden. And now, Ironically, Trump will be the one under investigation during his political campaign.

  • Depends on who he faces

    Bernie Sanders would beat Trump. He is the antithesis of him. An uncorrupted, Populist, Anti war candidate that will bring out huge voter turnout, And does best in the states Hillary lost such as Wisconsin and Michigan. He would most likely beat Biden though, As he could beat him over the head with his record such as the vote for the Iraq war, Or NAFTA

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