• Chuck Berry is still great, whatever his age. His latest album will be worth listening to.

    At the age of 90 Chuck Berry isn't past it, he is still worth listening to. Don't underestimate the capacity of elderly people to perform to a high standard. This is especially true in the musical field, perhaps because of the demanding nature of the field, which keeps the brain working at a high level, often into extreme old age.

  • Yes, off course

    Yes, he is a star and all of his songs are good. Why shouldn't new ones be good? I can hardly wait to hear them all. Even though he is in his 90's now, he won't disappoint his fans. He is like Elvis. If Elvis lived long enough to reach Chucks year's he would also be popular.

  • The man is a legend.

    With over 40 years since Chuck Berry has released an album it will be interesting to see if at ninety years old if the legend that brought us such hits as You Never Can Tell, Maybelline, Johnny B. Goode, and Roll Over Beethoven, just to name a few still has it.

  • Chuck Berry is very talented.

    Chuck Berry has been performing all of his life and continues to do so even now he is almost ninety years old. There is nothing to suggest that he has lost his energy and passion for music or that his talent as an artist has dulled over the years. Therefore, his new album should be a great cause of excitement.

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