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  • Yes probably will

    They charge so much for the electric cars that it most likely will. I am all about being more economical and going more green, but they were charging a buttload because they could. Now they will have to make their cars cheaper, which makes me happy because now maybe one day ill be able to afford one

  • Yes I think that MAYBE plummeting gas prices may be a problem for electric car makers

    The reason I think that plummeting gas prices may be a problem for electric car makers is because with lower gas prices people will be more tempted to use the car that they already own, which will most likely be a car powered by gas. And by this happening, less people will probably buy eletronic cars.

  • Not In The Long Run

    Low gas prices, if you call $2.50/gallon low, will not be around for long. I don't understand why people are acting like this low oil price is going to be an ongoing thing. It's not! The prices will go back up, probably as soon as the beginning of next year and if not then by summer. Electric car makers shouldn't be harmed in the long run.

  • No, lower gas prices won't be a problem for electric car makers.

    Gas prices are lower now than they have been in years. There is no reason to believe that this will continue. We have already extracted the majority of this non-renewable resource and the future is not in fossil fuels. Electric car companies sell their customers on the environmental boon of their product more than its cost savings.

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