Will technology save our world or kill it. Stand against the motion

  • I say it will

    Because say people make a wrong expreitment and it all gose wrong what if it truns into something it cound kill everyone on earth. They are also using tecnoligy to boost weapons. And to me what if the wrong person gets there hands on those weapons it counld KILL US ALL.

  • Technology will kill our world

    Due to technology guns are being manufactured which is used to engage in so many crimes. Example am robbery. People are being attacked using this gun and mostly they loose their lives. Also too much use of some of technological devices causes harm to human health and nature at large

  • It will not kill our world

    I think it wouldnt kill the world because technology helps us a lot cause it helps me get cheese in the morning by printing it out and then i does the big om nom :3 it also helps us cause i can research why my cappoochino will not work cause it does no do zee big froffy );

  • It will not destroy our world.

    Even though technology has been used to destroy, It has more upsides. It has helped save countless lives and will continue. From hurricane tracking to medicine to the table you use to the computer or other device your on, It has been very helpful. In fact, What if you want to call 911 you can. And even more.

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