Will the Impeachment Inquiry on President be legible? (US Politics)

Asked by: 21smjones
  • Yes he is as crooked as they come

    You people tell black people to listen and comply to the police and not to hide anything. Trump is as shady as they come and non compliant as they come. A man like him has skeletons in his closet, And he refuses to prove his "innocence"
    Why doesn't he just prove his innocents? Because he cannot. He tries to fire people who are investigating and he wants the witnesses silenced.
    The guy is as paranoid as Stalin. He is afraid of food poising and he is afraid of being betrayed by his own staff. Stalin would accuse his staff and have them executed or sent to the gulag.
    Those around trump go to jail or get fired. And he is understaffed because no one wants to apply, And those that do get hired have no experience and lie about their qualifications. For someone who wants to vet he only hires the worst.

    Alpha? The guy only has money. He has no looks and he is Mac away from a heart attack. He struggles to read. And those are some very small hands for a man who is over 6 feet tall. Maybe he is your alpha because you are some loser and you never had a real man or dad in your life.

  • Fake News and Crybabies

    I believe it will fail to pass because Trump hasn't done anything that really deserves impeachment. He's honest and hardworking. If anything, It will boost support for the Republican Party because of this failed legislation and could result in the further damage of the Democratic Party's reputation. He already has an enormous support by real Americans, Then why impeach him?

  • It’s Fake News!

    He hasn’t done anything impeachment-worthy and Ukraine stuff is just Schitts lies and the ‘’antichrist” Led CNN and msnbc. Even Putin makes fun of Us main media. “We’ll be sure to interfere this year as well”lol!
    Donald trump is a real man an Alpha a God amongst men truly amazing!

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