Will the Impeachment Inquiry on President Trump pass?

Asked by: 21smjones
  • Passes in the House, Fails in the Senate.

    With Democratic support for impeachment staying strong, There's no reason to back down. At the moment, I'd say there's five possible articles of impeachment that are going to be debated and, Eventually, Passed in the house.
    Illegal withholding of Congressionally appointed aid, Soliciting something of value from a foreign power, Bribery, Extortion, And obstruction of justice.

    The passage of the articles will impeach the president, Whether or not he is removed from office is a different story. With Trump's approval still being high in the party, The Senate is unlikely to convict, Regardless of the evidence. However, Many Republican seats are up for grabs in 2020, With some in purple states. A vote of not guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence could be a death sentence for many of these Senators.

  • Do you think the Impeachment will pass? (US Politics)

    I personally believe it won't, And since the Republicans still retain the majority of the Senate(Trump still is favorable among most Republicans) it will won't pass as to impeach a President, You need a supermajority. President Trump has been excelling quite well as President, Such as reforming the United States' economy and lowering unemployment for minorities such as African-Americans.

  • No some Dems are shying away because they are afraid of moderate vote.

    Multiple Dems and now even Schiff are shying away from impeachment because of the lack of any certain evidence. The only evidence they could possibly use is Sondland's testimony and even that is very shaky. If impeachment does pass the house all it does is let the Republicans bring in their witnesses that the Dems have blocked from testifying in the house. They know that most of the Democratic candidates are pretty weak and there is a very good chance Trump could win and hell even win the popular vote so they loss another thing to complain about. Overall I think it won't pass since it to much to risk for many Dems who are at risk to be voted out by moderates.

  • No because he is a slick con

    The man does not play fair. He rips off everyone and he get away with it. He can always just pull a Nixon and quit before he can get prosecuted. And then his vice will pardon him. But time is not on his side. There is a chance he might lose the next election. So it depends on the timing. Plus he can always go after witnesses a la mafia.

    But the damage is done. He messed with the interest rates and has passed his money laws. There is no safety net to save us and he inflated the debt like some 15 year old with a credit card.

    Obama lowed the unemployment and it climbing back under trump. Data shows that black have less money even though they are working. And more crazy white guys are shooting up places.
    Honestly I am just waiting for America to fall just to see the looks on you faces.
    The great Depression part II

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