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  • Historically women are for the home

    Speaking biologically and with research women usually would go and stay home wile there husband works. (I am not saying women can't work) but if you were to have every women in the world and had a vote for wether or not women can only stay at home or only work the only stay at home would win.

  • Women belong in the house

    They aren't strong, They're good at blowjobs, They can't fight, They can't pay taxes, And they most certainly don't have a dick.
    Which is what makes them so damn good at making sandwichs! That's why they need to stay in the house for good. We don't want them running off.

  • Why is This a Debate?

    1. The idea of women being house-bound has only ever been a reality for middle/upper class white folks. Women of color and those in working class and poor communities definitely couldn't afford to not work.
    2. Women are equally as capable of fighting, Becoming professionals in any industries. Having a penis is hardly necessary for any of this. Why this is a topic to debate is beyond me.

  • Why is this even being debated?

    Okay, So, I love myself some good memes where girls are always in the kitchen making sandwiches and such, But in all honesty, Women have rights too. We have fought for our rights, And we deserve them, Just like everyone else. We may not be biologically the same as men, But it doesn't mean we should be treated any differently.
    We can be strong, We are literally proven to mature faster than most, And just because we don't have a dick doesn't make us any less human than men.

  • Womens placed isn't home. . . .

    Womens are not mens slaves to be ordered by them. If she feels she belongs in outside some place, Then she have a right to know or see if that place is really the place she belongs. . . . . Sometimes Home could be a bit tourture for her. Neither she is a mens slave. .

  • It’s too much to do in house

    Children, Food, Laundry, Hygiene is too much. If health is considered. If more than one child is not he case. Personally this have brought the world to a point where devoice is key for liberation as men considered women house slaves. We have to grow up. . . Thanks. The men that does this need understand

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