Women are sex objects, Do you think objectifying this that women are submissive is the evolutionary norm or are you an alpha male?

Asked by: CoolDudeBroMeat
  • Women are Second Objects

    The role of a woman is to suffer. If you're a woman every second of your life is supposed to be spent suffering. When I say suffering I mean mental suffering too. Get objectified and feel debased. Pain and degradation is the feminine thing to feel. It is at the core of being female.

  • Women are meant to be mothers

    As a woman, I can agree that my role as a person is to provide children and food for my husband. Even if he watches furry porn i do my best to satisfy him with my stretched under area(I've had 6 children). Suffering is one of the things that makes me feel feminine and womanly. The evolutionary and biblical norm of a woman is to submit to her husband and i think its a horrible change that women have jobs now and think they deserve as much as men. Only beta males support feminism and think that women are anything more then SEX OBJECTS.

  • Yeah they can be

    Women can be sex objects as long as they don’t have jobs and stay at home barefoot and pregnant making sandwiches and then being stay at home moms while the daddy works to provide for the family. When women work they get stronger and then they start wanting more power.

  • You do not understand women bubba. Do you only like bros?

    If women are so submissive and weak then why do they take the kids and 50% of what men own? And why can't you land one? Are you weaker than a normal woman?
    Weak minded women and trophy wives that sign prenups only cater to the ultra wealth or athletes. They do not represent the majority pf women. Alphas males and chads are just frat boy legends. Some girls will just play along and then strike the chads in back with their best friend.
    Maybe your mom was a weakling and you can only see women that way. Go on dates and get wrecked.

  • Women are equally independent as men.

    Women are not sex object, Women are equally as capable as men. Just because they are an opposite they do not deserve mental and physical abuse that goes to men also. Everyone was created equally. We have all grown up with strong fine women in our generation. Such as our mom, Grandmother or even sister. They are even women who are even changing the world one step at a time such as Greta Thunberg, Malala and even Emma Watson. I believe this debate has been on for many years and we still have simple minded people degrading women. Its 2020 it’s time for a change.

  • Shut up, Ya fuckin loser.

    Write a half-comprehensive title before you waste our time, Dude. I can't even really tell what kinda retarded argument you're trying to say. Shit like this just tells me that Debate. Org is really dying out. Do the rest of us a favor: crawl on back to 4chan or whatever and go stick a jagged shard of glass up your ass, Ya incel fuckwit.

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-01-29T03:15:53.760
You overburdened the Q, Until it may as well be translated through three languages before it was typed out! But, It's very easy. Woman and Man, In God's holy scripture (the only Actual, Real One), Originally shared one identity. Eve was in fact never given her name, Until the Fall. Woman, In creating that second physical being, Was taken Out Of Man. This makes the female a subspecie. Case closed. You can fight about it, Or try to monkey with that truth, And THE WHOLE WORLD CAN BE UNHAPPY, Or you can accept it, And only females will be unhappy. But they're gonna be unhappy, Anyway.
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-01-29T03:17:10.353
Oh. And "alpha", Means only "@$$hole". Athol Kay's work, Is based on a crock science.

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