• Women are seen as baby machines, With little thought put into their autonomy in many underdeveloped countries.

    This isn't to say men aren't ALSO undervalued, It's simply a problem with humanity at this point in history to value people based on what they can provide to the species, Instead of valuing people as unique and complicated individuals. I'm not sure what a solution to this problem would look like, But valuing women on whether or not they have a healthy reproductive system is wrong and immoral. Valuing men on their skills as a worker bee and how much money they have is also wrong and immoral. We need to progress as a species, And focus on love and compassion over productivity. The high suicide rates in Japan, And their country's views on being a typical gendered success and a source of pride for their families, Should be enough to prove that focusing on our skills over our personalities is a problem.

  • Yes, In some countries.

    Just because women are respected in major developed countries does not mean that they are not undervalued in others. In my country, Patriarchy is still prevalent and almost every women has gone through some form of discrimination or assault based on gender. In my country, Women shudder at the thought of going out alone. I faced sexual harassment for the first time when I was 13. I hope my point is considered and gets through to all readers. Thank you for reading.

  • Yes they are

    In today's world, Every single major society conforms to a patriarchal social hierarchy. Women are constantly put down and dismissed for their efforts and accomplishments even if they greatly surpass that of their male counterparts. Women are forever being deprecated and diminished even though the only real difference is their pronouns.

  • Women are NOT undervalued.

    I believe that women are not undervalued because people believe that having babies is a very important job and would never undervalue women because of this. I am sure that you have already came around to my point of view.
    Thank you for listening to my very informative debate topic.

  • We're not, We just need to know our place

    Perhaps women are undervalued, But only when they're trying to be Men! Of course you're not going to be great as a Man, Because you're a not a Man, For Christ's sake.

    Men love women who are feminine, Care for their children, Are there for their Husbands, And submit to them. Men value women who defend the Patriarchy very much!

    Serve your Man! Hail Patriarchy!

  • Women are not undervalued.

    I believe that in the 21st century that all humans are treated equally, Regardless of their gender or nationality. We live in a society nowadays where discrimination between genders is widely looked down upon. We all have the same rights and responsibilities and are all equal. The proposition may argue that there is a pay gap between what men are paid and what women are paid. This is due to a number of factors that do not relate to discrimination between genders. It may vary from the level of education received or years of experience. It also depends on how many hours one works for. If an inexperienced woman worked for 8 hours a day and earned, Perhaps 90$, And a more experienced man worked for 10 hours a day, You can only expect that the man would earn a higher pay than the woman. The same goes vice-versa. We are all equal, It is just that the past events are influencing our views nowadays.
    Thank you for your time, I hope you agree with my points. I wish both sides the best of luck.

  • We are in an equal Society

    Because in the 20th century the females had become equal to thier male counterparts to a point where lots of things are based on making sure both sexes have fun in life so therefore both sexes are able to have value if they want it. Thank you for listening to my argument.

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