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Would life be boring if all our problems were solved Plz answer against it

  • Yeah sure possibly

    No problems means more time to sleep no work nothing to do besides play and relax which could get boring if they did it all the time theyd run out of things to do after they got all the acheivements/ trophys/ tried all the videogames and as soon as they couldnt get any better at sports.

  • Make no sense

    First, I want to point that in my book, There will always be trouble maker. That's how the Universe work in my book. First 1. 2, There will always be stuff to be better at.

    Second, The most important thing is would God find life boring. And this is for sure a yes.

  • I suppose the answer is technically obvious.

    So long as you consider being "board" a problem like anyone with a healthy mental state would, That means that you would not be bored in a universe with no problems. So because being board counts as a problem and there can be no problems, There would be no boredom. Though you could argue that without problems there has to be boredom because there would be nothing to do that's interesting, You would be wrong in the sense that through some means, This problem has been solved. Though that sounds ridiculous because of how vague it is, We are talking about a world where everything is perfect, So we have already gone out of the normal realm of possibility. Good thing the question does not bother with asking how a problem free world could exist.

  • Problems Make Life Funner

    Having problems increases your capability to fight against them, Comprehend, And build your mind to know how to solve challenges. If we didn't have problems, The world would be a boring place. Problems aren't always bad, They can be good. And, Problems could be beneifical to life on Earth as it is.

  • You would have more free time

    Imagine if everyone was taken care of by robot servants.
    They would cook clean and do all the work. What would humans do?

    They would devote themselves to free time.
    Robot fighting championships or visit other places. Or they could learn to play music or they could write a play and have robot actors.

    The only people who would be board would be workaholics, But even they would be free to work on their own private project. Maybe they could try to run for mayor or start a business.

    You could do anything you would want. Learn draw,
    You could find a hobby. Something that you never have time to do

  • Plz answer me as against the tooic

    See the thing is that i am a kid but I have debate after two days so i need your help plz friends
    You guys are bigger than me and are more experienced so plz plz tell me
    Just gimme some answer that does not support this topic so basically u hv to answer that pife will not be boring if all our problems were solved

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