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  • Basically comes down to two gods in there own universes respectively dukeing it out.

    I have many reasons why Naruto could beat Goku in a battle. They are both absolute beasts. But I have to give it to Naruto. I don't have enough space in this box to argue so reply to this white a specific question of what Naruto could have over Goku and I will answer you.

  • Naruto, Of Course!!!!

    Naruto has more powers, he is stronger and is more smarter. Superman just charges in, knowing that his stupid super-strength will always save him. Yea, uh huh! Naruto will DESTROY superman, no questions asked! Superman is just a bulky idiot that does not know what he is doing obviously, duh!

  • Naruto is still getting stronger, faster,quicker, and more powerful than ever!!

    Naruto has 73 moves not to mention he is the sage of six paths which is a god level like goku's super sayain god. Naruto has fourteen transformations and goku has eight. Goku has 10 moves out of the 73 naruto has. Naruto is still getting stronger even though the manga is ending soon. But also there is a movie coming with him being an adult even stronger. All naruto rasengans are the same size as goku s bomb

  • Naruto is focused, not cocky

    Who the hell gives the enemy a Sensu bean??? I like both of these anime characters and i could debate about this all day with people as I have hard facts on both characters. First of all Naruto us a teenager still. Goku is a full grown idiot. I love him, (no homo) but he's an idiot. He let Frieza go into full form just because he wanted a real challenge, when he shoulda just beat him so he could go home to his family. His spirit bombs take too long to make, and miss occasionally and supposedly only hurt evil. I can see how this might work against Naruto because Kurama is or was pure hate, but considering how fast he is in bijuu mode it really wouldn't matter. Plus, substitution jutsu. And Naruto is a better strategist. I'm tired of u m*********ers saiyan "Oh, but tha boi Kakarot has strategy for days bruhh!" No, when have u ever seen him use a elaborate strategy the way it was planned out? Or even his own strategy? My boi Naruto has strategy for light years. He and Sasuke didn't even exchange words while getting Kakashi out of Zabuza's water trap. And he came up with that Neji uppercut s*** on the fly when they were fighting. Naruto's seen tha struggle and he's boutta see glory, when he becomes a sage of six paths. As SOON as goku senses Kurama's power he's gon need a super saiyan diaper. Naruto doesn't even have the full nine tails inside him, his dad, Minato has the other half. Goku is a powerful almighty alien fighter god capable of accomplishing unimaginable feats, mostly by luck. Naruto is our role model God level sage powered time/space manipulating number one nucklehead ninja capable of making anybody's jaw drop with his determination and aftermath results. A god vs. Another god. Give Mr. Uzumaki some credit. Liking DBZ saga better is no excuse to pump up goku and make false accusations about power levels. Itachi of the uchiha clan planned stuff to happen even after he died. Beat that, Goku. In any case, i really think it just depends on the time frame in which they fight. Like as if kid naruto can fight SSgod, or teen goku can fight six paths naruto. SS3, and sage mode Naruto? Naruto dies. 3 tails cloak plus sage mode Naruto, and SS1 goku? Goku dies. Kaioken Kamekameha vs. Super tailed beast blast? Who knows? I'll be forever looking forward to their epic battle when the two producers come together. And if Naruto can't do it, Obito can. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES HE SHOULD'VE DIED IN THE WAR!?!?! HE HAD HIS FACE AND THROAT SPLIT OPEN! HE HAD LIKE 7 TAILS RIPPED OUT OF HIM AT ONCE! THEN HE KAMUIED OUT OF HEAVEN AFTER HE DIED!! He refuses to go down.

  • It takes goku 3 min to make a kahmehameha and it take naruto to make 1000000 giant rasengons in 3 seconds

    Who do you think would win now bitch. Naruto also can combine his rasen shurickan with the nine tails chakra bomb to make the same thing but alot stronger then the kahmehameha x2 yea i know goku can make a giant spirtit bomb but it takes him the whole fucking episode

  • Most powerful person in his Manga/Anime

    You have to look at it like this. Yes maybe Naruto isn't as physically strong as Goku. But Naruto has moves that can tear you apart from the inside. You can't just say they wouldn't work on Goku, that makes no sense. As of now, Naruto much like Goku has God powers. Narutos I find much more impressive personally. It gained him speed to match that of an instant teleportation. He can MATCH that by only RUNNING. Not to mention he can use the flying Thunder God as well so he can instantly teleport too. All in all I think they are pretty equal and in some fights Goku would win and in some Naruto would win. End of story.

  • Naruto vs Goku! Well in this match say goodbye to goku.

    First of all Naruto has a tailed beast inside of him a NINE TAILED FOX so when hatred comes in he turns beast mode LOL. Lets not forget goku he doesn't get serious when there is a world crisis And not to mention he makes the dumbest decision not to be rude i like goku as a dbz character but i would choose naruto. Naruto has a dream to become hokage and keep people away from danger he is a true shinobi worrior.

  • Don't underestimate Naruto

    Naruto is constantly fighting stronger people than he is. Please stop underestimating naruto characters, people who say Goku can flick naruto away just downplay naruto there characters aren't as weak as people say. They have abilities that no one in DBZ can fight against like Limbo. You need six paths power to even sense or see it or break it. So Goku can't even sense it being activated, before he knows it he will be stuck in limbo and Madara can simply kill him. Madara has close to infinite chakra with the ten tails, and naruto said Kaguya was on another level, what's higher than close to infinite chakra probably infinite chakra. And you know what you can do with close to infinite chakra, an almighty push that blocks anything no matter the size, nature, POWER or mass according to naruto wiki. Destroying a planet dies not make you invincible, Madara can easily bring down meteors as big enough to destroy the planet but that doesn't mean he's invincible, that idea is just not smart. Its very close minded, naruto is all about strategy in every fight so he can easily use substitution jutsu every time Goku tries to hit him. Open your mind, heck two years after the war sasuke with his basic chidori destroyed half a meteor with his basic chidori, imagine his amaterasu. Naruto characters have power indeed but in a fight its all about strategy. People need to stop being so close minded.

  • I totally agree

    Why would goku beat naruto if they were both in ultimate forms? Every time that goku attacks naruto could just use substitution and kill a couple logs and retaliate when he is unsuspecting. And chi isn't chakara so neither would be able to sense the other besides the main 5 senses

  • Naruto is more powerful.

    You guys need to stop saying that Goku can win because he is a God, because so is Naruto. Naruto is a Sage of Six Paths which is considered a God in the Ninja Universe. And not to depress everybody, but the truth is that neither of them are Gods. Gods live forever and cannot die or bleed and Goku's Super Saiyan God form and Naruto's Sage of Six Paths do not change their life span or blood flow (even the real "Gods" in their universe's eventually grow old and die). All their "God" transformations do is just give them God-Like powers and abilities. And there is a complete difference in their powers, for instance, Goku can obviously destroy planet's, but Naruto can create black holes with just a bit of power. And also let's not forget the fact's Goku defeated his first Planet Destroyer (Frieza) when he was 32 or so and that's impressive, but Naruto defeated his first Planet Destroyer (Madara) when he was 16 (he actually defeated quite a few planet destroyers in his 16-17 years and that's not his full power. That's right you had no idea that Minato [Naruto's father] took 1/2 of the Nine-Tails and sealed only 1/2 of it in Naruto).So that factor is out of the way

  • Whoever says Naruto wins OVER GOKU needs more thinking time first

    I mean REALLY? NARUTO FANS? GOKU BEATEN BY NARUTO? HELLO! PLEASE CHECK BOTH VERSES FIRST BEFORE ASSUMING THAT THING FOR REAL! Goku may be lacking in movesets than Naruto but he has better Superhuman Feats, not to mention that he has fought a God (even though he couldn't beat that god whose name is Beerus). Naruto on the other hand, would lose even with Nine Tails Chakra Mode and Kurama on the battlefield. Why? That's because Goku has already attained an even more powerful transformation that could even rival a power of God (Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan). Naruto may have more moves in his arsenal but if he is knocked off in mid-air, I'm pretty sure that he won't ever stand a chance against Goku's follow-up attacks since Naruto has no flight abilities but enhanced feats only especially when he goes into Sage Mode and beyond that. If you're still this persistent at saying that Naruto can beat Goku even his opponent's at a Planetary Busting Level and EVEN HE CAN JUST GO TO SPACE AND KAMEHAMEHA NARUTO, then prove it to me by showing feats that can prove that NARUTO CAN BEAT GOKU!

  • Naruto gets curbstomped

    Goku can destroy a solar system by the end of dbz. Naruto, cannot.
    Goku can move multiple times faster then light. Naruto, connot.
    Goku as a mere 12 year old child could move a 340 ton boulder. By the end of the series he is literally millions of times stronger then that.
    Naruto, has never achieved such strength. He is barely stronger then kid goku. No where near the strength of adult goku.
    Goku can easily survive the destruction (explosion) of a small planet. Naruto, however cannot.

    Goku is stronger, more durable, much faster, and has more raw destructive power than naruto ever will.

    Also, shoot naruto in the head with any sort of gun, and he will die. However, shoot goku in the head, and the bullet wouldn't even phase him.

  • Is it even a question?

    Goku can compare to gods, Naruto can compare to Krillin (actually he probably compares to Yamcha). What im trying to say is Naruto doesnt stand a chance. Goku is a sayian he has an instinct for fighting which means he has a high IQ when it comes to fighting. Also, when Naruto uses the rasengan it takes up a lot of chalkra when Goku uses a kamehameha he barely uses about 2% of his ki. Another thing is ive heard that Naruto got stabbed and took an arm through his chest, well this does mean than Naruto has some endurance but Goku has pretty much taken the same and more!! But if Naruto got hurt so badly this means he cant dodge the attacks or see them coming Goku can do all these things. So honestly, i dont get what this debate is about, Naruto may be cooler and all that but hes not stronger.

  • Goku would win

    Hold up first u got to be a real die heart fanboh to think goku would lose to naruto.And if your not u just crazy i mean think about it Goku when he first met Bulma was like 6 and he took multiple bullest to the face point blank on the other hand naruto can barely take a wound from any blade.U might say he is tough enough to keep fighting and goku would get hurt from stab wounds to but we see goku go up againts swords and blades all the time not to mention naruto cant fly goku can.My last thing is what can naruto do? Goku has the power to destory galaxys if he wanted to he could wipe everyone out of existance if he wanted to.Naruto cant

  • Not a fair fight at all...

    Most Naruto fans might fly right over this fact when it comes to this pathetic argument but here's the truth. Naruto is HUMAN and Goku is a SAIYAN, when was the last time you saw Goku getting overpowered and destroyed in a fight against a human...Exactly. Also I've seen NaruTards (much disrespect) talking about how "just because Goku can destroy a planet doesnt mean he can beat Naruto, ummm, thats actually a perfect explanation on why Goku can beat Naruto, so when you simpletons talk about that fact you're literally going against the guy you're rooting for(think about that irony) i mean seriously do you think that Naruto can survive if the earth exploded, doesn't matter how strong he gets (or whatever bullshit perk Kishimoto decides to give him for people to keep watching Naruto) hes still as durable as any other human. Now I shall let the Butt hurt Gates flood my city of a response.

  • The very notion that Naruto would beat Goku is like... Why would he?

    I don't even know why you even bring this up. Goku can destroy planets. Naruto can destroy trees and water towers. Goku can punch a hole in space-time. Naruto can transform into a woman via magic skillz.

    I don't think there needs to be elaboration here. Before you say that I'm a rabid Dragon Ball fangirl, no, I'm not. I think that Dragon Ball is horribly overrated, and the art style is, in my brutally honest opinion, terrible. I think Naruto is marginally better. Marginally. Not by much.

  • People are fanboys and are stupid

    If you thin naruto is capable of beating Goku your an idiot and if you think so you need to check again. Goku is faster than naruto also no need for super saiyin like are you kidding me like for real are you people that stupid. If you think naruto could beat Goku you must have hit yourself on the head. Also Goku is able to sense chi so Naruto can hide in bushes Goku will be still able to defeat him and Naruto shadow clones do nothing because Goku can sense chi

  • Goku is much more powerful than Naruto

    No offense to the Naruto lovers, but you have to agree that there is no way Naruto could beat Goku in a fight. Goku can move faster than the eye can see, turn into a great ape which multiplies his power by 10, saved the earth dozens of times, and he could blow up planets if he wanted to. He also has a pure heart, and would do anything to save the planet, and his friends, as shone at the end of the Cell Games he blew himself up to ave everyone. He is much more powerful than all the character from Naruto combined.

  • Goku moves too fast. He knows all martial art types, and is a god.

    I love both anime, so this is not biased. Naruto could not even comprehend the speed of Goku, I would even challenge to say Rock Lee with the gates open, and weights off could not lay a hand on Goku. Ki sense would find any transformations Naruto might make (Since everyone has it,) and if it got down to planet busting power, Goku can survive in space. (Fight with Beerus proved this.) Goku can throw Ki blasts and fly. This debate honestly is dumb, just like the superman v goku debate, because with the arrival of the ssgss, not even superman prime can compare.

  • A complete utter mismatch!!!

    Obviously anyone who says Naruto can beat goku clearly doesn't know how powerful goku is. Goku is a better strategist, he trains harder. He adapts to fights so much easier. He is stronger. He has better techniques. He can destroy multiple planets on the fly if he wanted. Naruto has never achieved such a feat.

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Raikage says2015-10-06T21:16:11.537
Raikage says2015-10-06T21:16:21.147
Raikage says2015-10-06T21:17:57.307
Goku wins in every way my favorite character in Naruto is Raikage besides you comparing a god vs a so called god Naruto sage of six paths vs ssgss let's compare a lower level of over a billion vs low thousands don't say Goku not smart lady me Naruto when it comes to fighting Goku battle IQ is extremely high higher than Naruto so if I put piccolo in the contest we know how extremely smart piccolo is so Naruto would get thrased no to mentioned kishimoto said nappa is only as strong as Madara do you see current Goku will make Naruto is bitch
Raikage says2015-10-06T21:18:07.307
Raikage says2015-10-06T21:18:54.047
Goku wins in every way my favorite character in Naruto is Raikage besides you comparing a god vs a so called god Naruto sage of six paths vs ssgss let's compare a lower level of over a billion vs low thousands don't say Goku not smart lady me Naruto when it comes to fighting Goku battle IQ is extremely high higher than Naruto so if I put piccolo in the contest we know how extremely smart piccolo is so Naruto would get thrased no to mentioned kishimoto said nappa is only as strong as Madara do you see current Goku will make Naruto is look like a bany
GokuSSJGSSJ334 says2016-05-06T17:01:16.043
I call this statement.....

JiffyCones says2016-08-18T10:50:51.960
Maybe before King Kai trained him, but after that, no chance in Hell.
Sumori says2017-01-11T14:16:14.027
Ok, we are going to compare Naruto and Goku at MAX Potential, no holding back.

Speed Comparison (Naruto = Massively Hypersonic+ [Mach 1000-8810.2]
vs. Goku = MFTL+ = 1000x faster the speed of light... ONE THOUSAND TIMES... That's damn near instantaneous and we are not counting teleportation and transport, we are only counting physical speed..)

Destructive Force Comparison (Naruto = Moon Buster+ [Half of earth.. Which is freaking impressive actually.. However it is still not enough].
Goku = UNIVERSAL BUSTER+ <-- This is not an overexaggeration..
Http://vsbattles.Wikia.Com/wiki/Goku <-- Source for Goku

And I wasn't under exaggerating the speed of Naruto either..
Http://vsbattles.Wikia.Com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki <-- Source for Naruto

Now I'm actually not sure if these are facts are not, so lets not jump to conclusions like "these are theoried calculations they are not accurate" They are calculations.. They are not supposed to be accurate unless they actually got the sources from Akira Toriyama HIMSELF.

"Truth Seeking orb can Destroy goku, it disintegrates anything it
Again, WRONG. Truth seeking orb disintegrates NINJITSU..


And the funny thing is, a kamehameha has advanced so much throughout the years, We have True Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Kaioken 20x Kamehameha (Which is 2000x stronger than an orb.. You do the math.. 20x100)
Big Bang Kamehameha (Which is about 100 times stronger than a regular kamehameha wave.. WHICH IS TEN THOUSAND TIMES [thats 10,000 for the specials..] STRONGER THAN A GOTDAMN PLAY ORB..) and then we have my favorite, definetly not the most strongest, but my personal favorite... The 100x Big Bang Kamehameha.. {If the regular BBK [BBK = Big Bang Kamehameha] is 10,000x... FUCKING 10,000 TIMES stronger than the Truthseeker Orb.. Does math
A million times stronger than the orb..

How did I come to this conclusion? Simple;

I took the damage from the regular Kamehameha wave and multiplied that by 100. [Since BBK is 100x stronger than the Kamehameha wave].
Then I multiplied the the sum of BBK and Kamehameha times BBK100x [Big Bang Kamehameha Times One Hundred or 100x]

Basically It would be this:

KW = Kamehameha Wave

BBK = Big Bang Kamehameha

BBK 100x = Big Bang Kamehameha One Hundred Fold [Or BBK times one hundred]

TSO = Truthseeking Orb.

Let TSO be the minimum damage.
Smoking in at 15 megatons of force (or 15 MILLION tons)

KW * TSO = 1,500,000,000 tons of force.
(This proves that the KW is 100* stronger than TSO) (You can divide to check this)

(This proves that the BBK is 100* stronger than KW) (Again.. You can divide to check this answer)

BBK 100x * BBK = 15 TRILLION TONS OF FORCE.. (or 15,000,000,000,000)
(This proves that the BBK 100x is One hundred times stronger than the BBK)
(Once again.. Divide to check it.)

"So how many times stronger is BBK 100x is against TSO?"

If we divide 150,000,000,000,000 / 15,000,000...

We get 1 Million.. Which is what I stated earlier..

SWAGTASTICTROLL says2017-02-28T00:53:53.233
First of all, Naruto has no feats or statements to prove that he surpasses Tien. He is probably equal to him in nine tailed mode, MAYBE slightly stronger. His normal mode is probably Krillin or Yamcha. I also keep hearing all this crap about strategies. But Goku is God level, something naruto hasn't even come close to reaching. Goku doesn't need a strategy when he could probably one-shot naruto faster than naruto can react or even see. Goku probably wouldn't go for a Kamehameha immediately. He would probably punch naruto and ACCIDENTLY kill him because he doesn't know his own strength. Heck, a Kaioken x3, maybe x2 could take down a nine-tailed naruto. Also, I've read and watched all about Six paths of sage, and he has no feats to support he compares to beerus or any deity in dbz. The age they defeated their enemies is completely irrelevant. Naruto can create black holes. Not only did that take well over 90% of his power, but that doesn't matter when you would receive hundreds of superman level punches in all body parts faster than you can see. Plus, Goku could just use it to his advantage or the black hole could backfire. Goku has shown that he is far beyond naruto even when he was a teenager. Plus, none of Naruto's techniques can do anything to Goku. And on the limbo topic, vegetto broke out of something that was similar so that's out the window. The matter of moves doesn't matter one only one can take down naruto. A kaioken Kamehameha vs a Super tailed beast blast. Naruto dies instantly. Naruto would probably stand there like an idiot waiting for his death. This battle is such a joke. When somebody brings VALID proof to the table that Naruto could win, then we can talk.
SWAGTASTICTROLL says2017-02-28T22:36:59.893
There was some stuff I forgot to say in my last comment.
I keep hearing crap about the truth-seeking orbs. I think I heard a person say they disintegrate anything it touches. 1. That is actually incorrect. There are certain conditions for it to do so, none of which Goku has. Also, I actually did some calculations. Based on naruto's feats(both show and manga), Eos Naruto is actually only as strong as a saibaman in base form(Nappa in nine-tails). Do you know what that means?
It means that Naruto is weak. Very weak. It also means that there is just about nothing naruto can do to Goku, but it means that if Goku still had his tail and you grabbed it(grabbing a Saiyan's tail weakens them) and you tied one hand behind his back and blindfolded him, he would STILL defeat naruto. Also, I said something about Black-hole creating in the last comment.
Ever heard of a Mafuba?
To add on to that, Naruto fans are constantly referring back to the Rasen shuriken, claiming that it has and could defeat Goku.
1. The Rasen shuriken is about the level of a Destructo disc. And what has Goku destroyed and is capable of destroying several times?
2. The feat that they claim supports a Rasen shuriken could defeat Goku is from an NON-CANON FAN game.
I rest my case
SWAGTASTICTROLL says2017-03-03T02:54:49.963
I've been hearing a lot of BS about the six paths of sage being super op, and I would like to clear some things up. First of all, The six paths of sage gives him the power of Nappa great ape, plus the abilities of a lantern. Considering how small naruto's power would be, even in THAT form, Goku would just speed blitz, maybe even one-shot(truth seeking orbs or constructs would do nothing). To be frank, you could give naruto 20 tails, and Goku would still wreck him.
rahxto says2018-01-24T04:18:07.637
I myself will have to go with Kakarot. I admit Naruto has amazing ability's but if you think about it just like Kakarot they have 1 move they particularly love to use for Kakarot its Kamehameha wave which is stronger and more helpful than the rasengan. Aside from that, Naruto is practically useless in his base form unless his enemy is extremely tired like sasuke in the fight they had in the final valley when both of them lost an arm. While Kakarot was able to put a huge crater in the ocean on planet namek against frieza in his base form(Spirit Bomb). Another point is that naruto's first god tier enemy(Kaguya) wasn't even as strong as she was hyped up to be. In order to defeat her he need help from kakashi,Obito, Sasuke, and Sakura. Not to mention that Kaguya was affected by an attack from Sakura(relatively weak compared to the other characters i just mentioned) that ultimately caused her defeat which i would`ve been embarrassed if i was Kaguya. While Kakarot fought a god by himself and held his own against beerus. Even though goku didnt win the fact that he was fighting him for a good while shows his fighting prowess against someone who destroyed a planet with a tap of his finger, and he could also do that simply by sneezing on accident. Plus if you pit each other's base form against the opposite universe in an endless onslaught Kakarot would survive way longer. Even though they both have godly power neither one of them is a actual god. Naruto is a terrain-buster, while goku is a planet-buster who can destroy a solar system as a whole. Then you have to account for their genetics. Naruto is using power that he receives from the nine tails. While Kakarot is using his own true power. Kaguya is no where near beerus's tier considering she lost to humans while humans wouldn't even stand a chance against the latter. Here are their respective battle comparisons: Zabuza Vs. Vegeta(winner): Pain vs Freiza(winner): Madara Vs Hit(winner): The Entire Osutikinsuki clan Vs. Jiren(winner). As you can see the Dbs universe is by far the strongest in anime existence. Naruto just dosnet have want it takes to beat someone who was even recognized by the omni-king. Plus goku undergoes way more impressive training than Naruto. Not only that but Ki is flat out stronger than chakra and you dont die when you run out of it. So in short the clear winner is Goku and this is not a biased answer. I hope this can be used for colloquial future engagements. So Naruto fans not speaking such detritus bullsh#t.
Naruto575 says2019-01-09T18:18:29.300
Goku fan faggots let me give y'all advise on Naruto. Don't think just because the guy can go into a stupid god sayain and shit means he can destroy Naruto remember Naruto is also a god don't forget that faggots

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